À Vif Festival in Vire Normandy: 10 days of shows and activities for all


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May 18, 2024 at 3:00 p.m.

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“The theme this year is Battlefields, announces Lucie Berelowitsch, director of the Théâtre du Préau. “Each show, in its own way, deals with the battles we fight, with ourselves and with the world, to build ourselves. And, moreover, what we would like to change and see change in our society. » She continues by indicating that this is also a questioning

on how art and our imaginations can transform us. And, in a somewhat ambitious way, can transform the world

Thus, the 5 shows are crossed by a common theme, “but with different aesthetics: documentary theater, dance, intimate story, musical stand-up…And a creation mixing artists and inhabitants with adolescents”.

5 shows on the program

Tuesday, May 21

At 8:30 p.m. On the stage of the Théâtre du Préau. “The Heart of the Earth”. Text and direction Simon Falguières. “The first show is a participatory creation, which has been worked on all season. » It was produced with around forty young people from the Virois region and a group from another theater: the CDN of Nanterre. “It is a double fable which combines a dream story with words collected from young people. »

“The Heart of the Earth”, by Simon Falguières. ©DR

Wednesday 22 May

At 18 o’clock. At La Halle-Michel Drucker. “Memory flouted”. Dramaturgy and direction by Violeta Gal. A Franco-Chilean show. This is the story of a second-generation Chilean political exile. “A testimony on the question of double identity. A show that mixes theater, video and music. »

“Memory flouted”. Directed by Violeta Gal. ©DR

Saturday May 25

At 16 o’clock. At the Marie-Curie high school. ” Thank you for your understanding “. Designed and performed by Elsa Delmas. “It’s a form of musical and theatrical stand-up around the question of the beginnings of a young actress’ career,” says Lucie Berelowitsch. The show takes as its point of origin his experience at Parc Astérix. » The spider in the House of Fear is my first role. And it’s frankly a shitty job…” says Elsa Delmas. “It’s an autobiographical story around the construction of oneself. And spiders. It’s a theatrical UFO which is very funny,” confirms Marine Costard, communications director.

Saturday May 25

At 18 o’clock. At the Jean-Mermoz high school. ” Daughter of “. Text and game by Leïla Anis. “A tender and moving autobiographical story. Funny at times. “It is therefore a question of exile, of dual culture, of family transmission…” It also carries the voices of those who walk the paths of exile”, indicates Lucie Berelowitsch.

“Thank you for your understanding”, by Elsa Delmas. ©DR

Thursday May 23

At 8:30 p.m. In Domfront. And Saturday May 25 at 8:30 p.m. In St-Martin-des-Besaces. “Lopakhine dances in Vire”. Design and direction by Liza Machover. “It’s a show that greatly influenced the theme of Battle Songs,” reveals Lucie Berelowitsch. “Liza Machover creates a show after interviewing the inhabitants of a territory. » What does she expect from art in general? That it causes “an aesthetic shock”, capable of modifying our relationship with the world.

“Lopakhine dances in Vire”. Directed by Liza Machover. ©DR

The animations

Tuesday, May 21. From 5:45 p.m. Opening evening of the Festival: festive stroll to the Théâtre du Préau. With an open stage on the Préau square.

Wednesday 22 May. From 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Teen village: with, in particular, an electric program of open stages. TPL Group (rap); Heaven’s Meal (rock) and theatrical and dance renditions. From 8:30 p.m. Festival evening at Vif and karaoke. Festival dress code: blue and sequins.

Wednesday 22 May. At 14h. A round table with all the first site students will take place on the Préau plateau, moderated by Philippe Viard of the National Association for Research and Theatrical Action (Anrat).

From Tuesday May 21 to Tuesday May 28, Festival À Vif, organized by the Théâtre du Préau, Place Castel, in Vire Normandy. Single Festival price: €5. Such. 02 31 66 16 00.

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