Virtuoso musicians, great American voice… with this concert, they will say “no to violence” in Martigues

Virtuoso musicians, great American voice… with this concert, they will say “no to violence” in Martigues
Virtuoso musicians, great American voice… with this concert, they will say “no to violence” in Martigues

The meeting takes place on Sunday May 26, 2024, from 5 p.m., in the large room of the Pablo Picasso auditorium in Martigues. The association “Henriette la voix d’un ange” is organizing a new charity concert to say “no to violence through music” according to the now established expression of its president Josepha Malherbe.

The first edition was held in 2016, with the venue alternating between the auditorium and the Madeleine church on the Island. “This year, we placed particular emphasis on school bullying and I am very happy that there are young people aged 12, 13, 14 or 15 who not only continue to join the association, but dare now also testify on this theme“, explains the tireless activist who first created her collective to pay tribute to her big sister, who died at the hands of her husband.

An American artist presents

The May 26 concert was scheduled for Mother’s Day, “dedicated to all mothers, and especially women and mothers victims of violence“, explains Josepha Malherbe who refuses to see the cause of women’s rights in France summarized on the day of March 8.

Since their first charity concert in 2016, the association continues to see the growth of a community of artists eager to get involved alongside it, between the region’s unbreakable pillars such as the pianist Marc Levantidis and the saxophonist Jean-Jacques Lion, but also talents from further afield.

This year, Josepha Malherbe is pleased to have succeeded in bringing in the American composer, actress and jazz singer Inès Nassara. Based in Brooklyn, Martégale met her through the artist’s mother, a doctor and early feminist activist, like her daughter.

Beyond a voice, the president of the association “Henriette the voice of an angel” says she loved “her personality, her commitment to women and respect for others. She comes from far away to support the cause, it is important that the people of Martégales are present to welcome her properly!

Among the artists performing on May 26, we also note the return of opera singer Francis Maestro, attached to the Perpignan conservatory and already present last year for the concert organized at the Madeleine church. The public will also be able to discover or rediscover the young Martega singer Élise Ungerer, 20 years old, “who was 16 when she raised her voice for the first time at the Martigues conservatory and joined the association“.

Without forgetting a favorite artist, Christiane Bianucci, “a 72-year-old from Martégale who had put aside her love for singing to raise her family. While she is now battling cancer, she dreamed of going on stage. When I heard her sing, I didn’t hesitate!“.

On the concert evening, Josepha Malherbe specifies that “The profits from the concert allow us to continue raising awareness and campaigning on the ground. This is why I invite you to come in large numbers this Sunday to support us, because I remind you, we have no sponsor!” Let us add that if his association does not benefit from municipal subsidies either, the town hall of Martigues has still made the Picasso conservatory available to the association and the artists

Charity concert of jazz, opera, blues, organized by the association “Henriette la voix d’un ange” this Sunday, May 26, 2024, from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the auditorium of the Pablo Picasso site, route du port de Lavéra. Entrance 18€. Reservation-ticketing : Martigues Tourist Office (04 42 42 31 10), on the site or on site on the day of the concert. Information on 06 73 71 35 67. All profits will be donated to the association.



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