an Amazon series abandoned after years of hellish development

Silk: Spider Society, the live-action series derived from Spider-Man, is no longer current on Amazon Prime Video. However, it had been in development for years.

This week took place the Upfronts, an American event where TV channels and streaming platforms announce their upcoming projects. For the first time in its history, Amazon was at the party in New York, and took the opportunity to make various announcements. For example, the sequel to the remake of Road House was made official, and the platform also took the opportunity to say more about its partnership with Sony on the Spider-Man license.

While the series Spider-Man Black with Nicolas Cage was finally launched by Amazon, many were waiting for news of another project derived from the universe of the friendly neighborhood spider: Silk: Spider Society. Announced for years now, the series was supposed to highlight Cindy Moona woman bitten by the same spider as Peter Parker.

Except that the series would no longer be relevant, at least at Amazon Prime Video.

He’s coming, that’s for sure

bye bye spider-man’s SILK?

This is what they report Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter And Variety. Amazon, producer of Silk (the rights belong to Sony), would have stopped production of the spin-off series around Cindy Moon. However, the project was overseen by the producers of animated films Spider-Verse (Phil Lord, Chris Miller and Amy Pascal), with Angela Kang, former showrunner of The Walking Deadat the helm.

The series therefore seemed to be in good hands, but that was without counting on a very complicated development internally at Amazon.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse: Photo Box-office FranceFrom the team that gave us this…

Officially announced in November 2022, the series Silk actually had more than five years of development behind it. Launched in 2019 at Sony, the project had a first screenwriter in the person of Lauren Moon (Atypical). Two years and a deal between Amazon and Sony later, Tom Spezialy, (producer of Watchmen HBO version) was attached to the project as showrunner. The series was then supposed to be the spearhead of a batch of live-action projects around the Spider-Man universe for Amazon.

A year later, in 2022, the team we know today (Kang, Lord, Miller, Pascal) was finally put in place on the project.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse: photoSpider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse: photoSilk as well written as Spider-Gwen, we say yes

A not very silky stop

Since his formalization with a golden team, things have not gone better. The series has reportedly gone through at least three rewrites of its script since its announcement. This is where Angela Kang and her team of writers were allegedly asked to change the approach of the series, which was apparently not not attractive enough for the targeted male audience (according to The Ankler, in February 2024). Logic.

Then came the screenwriters’ strike in May 2023. The writing of Silk was logically paused. The strike ended in September, but the writing room did not reopen. The months passed, and in December 2023, a resumption was announced for mid-January 2024.

A long delay, too long even since the Writers Guild of America launched an action against Amazon for violation of the end-of-strike agreement (according to which the screenwriters had to be able to resume work without delay). Atmosphere.

Madame Web: photo, Dakota JohnsonMadame Web: photo, Dakota JohnsonDon’t let Sony do everything, please

However, according to different sources of Deadline, Angela Kang’s last pitch was well received by the platform, but that was not the problem. Apparently, Amazon has took advantage of the strike to re-evaluate all its current projects, which caused this famous delay in resuming writing. After deliberations, Prime Video therefore decided to continue the development of Black with Nicolas Cage, and to put Silk next to.

But for Cindy Moon fans, all is not lost. The rights to Silk’s character revert to Sony Pictures Television, which is now looking to sell the series to other buyers.

The project, if it goes ahead, will still have to change showrunner, given that Angela Kang is under contract with Amazon, with whom she will continue to work.



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