Quinté+: The Notes of the Quinté+ starters for this Friday, May 17

The notes of the Quinté+ starters for this Friday, May 17

Detailed notes


With a score of 17/20, Harley Géma (6) places itself at the top of our theoretical ranking. This 7 year old mare, trained by Marc Sassier, ticks absolutely all the boxes to achieve a great performance in this event. As her “music” shows, this Bold Eagle girl has never been stronger. During her penultimate, on the 2150m flying start course in Enghien, she would undoubtedly have won if she had not committed the irreparable 250 meters from the finish, which proves her ability to take off behind the car. She gets along perfectly with Benjamin Rochard and inherited a good number (6). First of all, it’s a good base for play.



Bahia Del Circeo (10) is the specialist in this reduced course of 2100 meters. She has 6 victories in 11 attempts on this course and has by far the best mileage reduction with her 1’10″6, which she obtained last September. As a result, she logically obtains the good score of 14/20. It is imperative to erase her last race the penultimate time, she would not have gone far if she had had free rein in Enghien This Friday, and despite this trap number (10), we will have to reckon with her. .


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