Cannes 2024: “Furiosa”, fifth opus in the Mad Max saga, fuel for the grand guignol

Cannes 2024: “Furiosa”, fifth opus in the Mad Max saga, fuel for the grand guignol
Cannes 2024: “Furiosa”, fifth opus in the Mad Max saga, fuel for the grand guignol

The jubilee of jail, sand, gasoline and blood took place on the Croisette. George Miller, 79 years old, proves that he still has a lot more under his belt than the average Hollywood guy by orchestrating this fifth opus of Mad Max.

The saga returns to land its cars in the Australian outback of the original trilogy (1979-1985) to narrate the youth of Empress Furiosa, Max’s sidekick in the previous episode, The Unbeatable Fury Road (2015). Abducted from her oasis, the warrior (Anya Taylor-Joy replaces Charlize Theron) must find a place for herself while a civil war tears apart the main degenerate factions roaming the great desolation that the earth has become after the nuclear apocalypse – vultures, marauders, war boys and other half-lives.

Chris Hemsworth as Trump of the apocalypse

Orgy of asphalt pirates, punk carnival of leather and prosthetics… Miller happily throws himself into the wheel of the grand puppet, even allowing himself more humor with the character of Chris Hemsworth. The devilish clown, the evil Dementus, a two-penny populist leader, sandbox Trump, brings a little color to no man’s land.

Certainly, a few stones dot the route of this beautiful ride. Starting with its status as a prequel, which constrains the whole by requiring Furiosa to hang on the rails Fury Road, and therefore to pass through the inevitable sieve of comparison. Gold, Mad Max 4with its refined story (a round trip to say the absence of a second planet and the need to overthrow the system), ultimately appears thicker than the chrome fury of Furiosa. Less political, closer to the epic fable (with what abstraction and allegory that implies), the latter struggles in the end to rise above the magnificent playground that it is. Our retinas remain stunned by this technical maelstrom. A great show in the noble sense.

Furiosa. A Mad Max sagaby George Miller, Australia/United States, 2:28

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