Television: the queen of Quimper drag queens in a documentary

Television: the queen of Quimper drag queens in a documentary
Television: the queen of Quimper drag queens in a documentary


Martine De Saint Jan

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May 16, 2024 at 10:20 a.m.

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September 2023, Vanessa The Rest treat yourself to a haircut at the Salon des quais. The hairdresser, Anthony Carnot, tells him about his other life: at night, he is the drag queen Britany Hart, a pioneer of the genre in Quimper. Since then, he has left the salon to make a living from this art.
Seduced by the character, Vanessa Le Reste decided to dedicate a documentary to her, which was selected by France 3 in the collection Bamboche from the Serie France in real. “We started filming in November 2023 and followed Anthony/Britany for a little over a year. »

Queens in Finistère will be broadcast on France 3 Bretagne Thursday May 16, 2024 at 11 p.m. “It shows how a drag queen and the family she has formed wake up Quimper on stiletto heels and bring together, in the party, generations, genders, social classes, cultures…”

A thunderbolt

The director confides that she had a “friendly crush” on Anthony Carnot.

“She is a very beautiful person. He is kind, caring, funny, extremely touching. »

Vanessa Le Reste, director.

She also got to know those around her: her “daughters”, the other drag queens of the Hart family(“activists of living together without signs and standard bearers of the women’s cause”), and volunteers from theLGBTQIA+ Phénix association“lovely people”.

Britany Hart and her daughters, in the documentary Queens in Finistère by Vanessa Le Reste. ©DahudProd.

The documentary also enters into the intimacy of Anthony/Britany and his couple, shows the stages of his transformation, his public performances, the organization of the pride march Queer amann with the Phénix association…

From emotion

For Côté Quimper, she remembers two notable episodes from her filming. “There was this time when we were confronted with an act of wickedness. I was very, very moved. I come from fiction where we control everything and where what happens only affects the characters. There, it was different…”

Vanessa Le Reste also remembers this return to Starman, this nightclub in Gourin where Anthony began to flourish. “This campaign club was very important for the gay community, it was a refuge for many young people. It was very moving to go back there with Anthony. »

Practical information.
Broadcast Thursday May 16 at 11 p.m. on France 3 Bretagne.
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