Netflix. Penelope and Colin, finally in the spotlight in season 3 of “The Bridgerton Chronicle”

Netflix. Penelope and Colin, finally in the spotlight in season 3 of “The Bridgerton Chronicle”
Netflix. Penelope and Colin, finally in the spotlight in season 3 of “The Bridgerton Chronicle”

It’s time to reunite with Netflix’s sexiest aristocratic family. The Bridgertons Chronicle returns to service for a third season starting this Thursday, May 16. Unfortunately for the most impatient, you will have to be content with only the first four episodes, since the second part of the season will be broadcast on June 13.

This small point of frustration cannot taint the joy of rediscovering this series with worldwide success. After Simon and Daphne, Anthony and Kate, this third season sets out to meet another member of the Bridgerton family: Colin (Luke Newton). Returning from a trip abroad, the young man reappears in the London upper class more mature, self-confident and sexy than ever.

From friendship to love

Facing him, Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) tries to forget the feelings she has always had for the young man in order to find an honorable husband. At the same time, the shy young woman, who in reality hides behind the seasoned pen of Lady Whistledown, tries to preserve her secret double identity. In order to succeed in finding a good match, Penelope, feeling bad about herself because of her curves, asks Colin for romantic advice, who will end up realizing that his feelings for the young woman are not just limited to friendship…

This third season of Bridgerton therefore works thanks to the same attributes as usual: magnificent costumes, unconfessed loves, majestic balls organized by Queen Charlotte, devouring passion, sensuality and a good dose of drama, against a backdrop of modern music revisited on the cello .

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The expected evolution of Penelope and Colin

Unlike the first two seasons, however, it is not a question here of discovering new characters (except in the secondary axis dedicated to Francesca and the Bridgerton mother), but of exploring an existing relationship, which we expect to seen hatching for several episodes. A relationship based on lies, since Penelope has not revealed her dual identity to anyone… Or almost. His broken friendship with Eloise Bridgerton, who discovered the pot aux roses, also remains in the backstory of this season.

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With Penelope and Colin in the spotlight, new themes are also added to this romantic adolescent chronicle. The transition to adulthood, friendly relationships, complexes, harassment… This new duo is perhaps the most endearing since the start of the series, or, in any case, the one to which the viewer can relate the most. identify. Enough to make you dream of Prince Charming again. So take out the violins and your little hearts, and let yourself be carried away in these new chronicles, as charming as they are light. Everything we expected.

The Bridgertons Chronicle season 3. Four episodes, on Netflix. The last four episodes, starting June 13.



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