David Copperfield: The magician and ex of Claudia Schiffer heavily accused, most of the alleged victims were minors

By Louise Martin | Editor

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Former companion of top model Claudia Schiffer, the famous magician David Copperfield is today accused of “sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior” by 16 women, half of whom were minors at the time of the facts.

David Copperfield saw his public image severely damaged David Copperfield© BestImage, FAMEFLYNET / BESTIMAGE

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The public image of the famous magician David Copperfield has been severely damaged in recent hours. Indeed, the Guardian revealed in an investigation that the former companion of top model Claudia Schiffer is accused sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior” by 16 women. In addition, half of David Copperfield’s alleged victims were minors at the time of the facts they denounce, which allegedly occurred between 1980 and 2014. All of the magician’s accusers revealed thehaving met as part of his activity as an illusionist. Three of them claim that David Copperfield had sex with them after drugging them. Relations which were obviously not consensual given that the magician’s partners were under the influence of drugs at that time.

For the record, David Copperfield had already been publicly accused of similar acts in 2018. That year, a woman named Brittney Lewis said having been drugged and then sexually assaulted by Claudia Schiffer’s ex. Accusations that the magician has always denied. He also refutes the testimonies of the 16 women who spoke in the columns of Guardian through his lawyers. Indeed, David Copperfield’s legal representatives assured the newspaper that the illusionist did not “never acted inappropriately with anyone, let alone a minor“. The magician’s lawyers also specified that their client had supported the #Metoo movement in 2017, since he encouraged victims to testify. It is precisely thanks to the Metoo movement that the 16 women who testify in the Guardian are felt ready to talk.

Woman claims David Copperfield squeezed her breast during 2014 performance

In detail, four women claimed to have been touched by the conjurer during one of his shows, or to have been forced to touch him. In addition, three of them were minors at the time of the events they describe. For example, a woman named Fallon Thornton revealed that the magician squeezed her breast during a show in a casino hotel in 2014. Other alleged victims claimed that David Copperfield would have promised to promote their careers in modeling or the entertainment world if they accepted his advances.

David Copperfield is presumed innocent until the conclusion of the case.



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