We (finally) know the opening date of Fridge, Kev Adams’ new comedy club in Rouen

We (finally) know the opening date of Fridge, Kev Adams’ new comedy club in Rouen
We (finally) know the opening date of Fridge, Kev Adams’ new comedy club in Rouen


Adrien Filoche

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May 16, 2024 at 7:38 a.m.

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This is a project that we have been aware of for several months, but an announcement has never been made. Initially scheduled for the end of 2023, the opening date of the Fridge Rouen, this comedy club which combines Loïc Bonnetboss of the Theater, and comedian Kev Adams, has been rejected several times.

After many adventures and disappointments, this temple of humor will indeed open. “It will be in September 2024,” confirms Loïc Bonnet to the editorial staff of 76-. We take stock with him, and in particular on the reasons for the delay in opening.

Why has the comedy club fallen behind schedule?

Nothing was simple. Together, Loïc Bonnet and Kev Adams plan to open a comedy club in Rouen, modeled on the Fridge Comedy model, opened in September 2020 by the comedian. “We bought a business, the former JV Club,” explains Loïc Bonnet. The premises are located on Quai Gaston Boulet, at the foot of the Theater to the West. The place is ideal.

But a problem arises. Loïc Bonnet gets annoyed with the owner while recounting the facts. When workers dismantle the old JV Club, they realize that the building is in danger of collapsing. Props are installed to support the building but the construction site remains at a standstill.

It was a real obstacle course.

Loïc Bonnet,patron of the Theater in the West.

Loïc Bonnet explains that the owner, “tangled in a legal matter”, could not pay for the work. Committed to the project, Loïc Bonnet and Kev Adams review their plan. The partners eventually decided to buy the building. “We had to wait for the court decision, which fell in July 2023,” says the boss of the Théâtre à l’Ouest. Opening for the end of the year was therefore unthinkable.

The start of work, finally

The negotiations ended last September with an agreement. “Afterwards, there is time to find a bank loan, knowing that it was the worst time in terms of rates,” relaunches Loïc Bonnet. Complicated, then.

The purchase of the building is finally formalized in February 2024, and work on the comedy club can be relaunched. “We redid the sole of the building, we redid the concrete feet. The advantage is that we will have a room without poles,” explains the partner.

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Which comedians will come to Fridge Rouen?

Now we have to wait until September, the opening date announced by Loïc Bonnet. Regarding the programming, “there will be different comedy stages per day. On each set, five artists including an MC (Editor’s note the presenter who launches the artists),” explains Loïc Bonnet.

When you buy your tickets, it’s impossible to know who will be on stage. “These will essentially be artists who come from Paris. We will see comedians who are just starting out, the next generation, established artists, big names and emerging names in stand-up,” summarizes the associate. Furthermore, it does not exclude organizing 100% Norman plateausfrom time to time.

For the rest, the Fridge Rouen will be modeled on the Fridge Comedy in Paris. “Same concept, same drinks, etc. On the other hand, the room in Rouen will be prettier than the one in Paris,” confides Loïc Bonnet with a smile.

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