A poignant and subversive Moroccan road movie

A poignant and subversive Moroccan road movie
A poignant and subversive Moroccan road movie


Queens, the first feature film by Moroccan director Yasmine Benkiran, marks a turning point in Moroccan cinema. The film is released today in theaters in France. The story, tinged with humor and fantasy, takes us aboard a truck, on the roads of the Atlas, alongside three women on the run.

Queens follows the destiny of three women, Zineb, Inès and Abla, whose lives intersect during an eventful road trip through Morocco. Zineb, a former inmate on the run to find her daughter, takes Inès, a truck driver, hostage. Along the journey, they befriend Abla, a transgender prostitute, and together they embark on a quest for freedom and redemption. The Moroccan film is released on May 15, 2024 in theaters in France.

A film driven by strong and complex female characters

Queens stands out for its bold and uncompromising portrayal of female characters. Zineb, Inès and Abla are women broken by life, but who refuse to submit to their destiny. They are complex, imperfect, but deeply endearing. Their relationship, which builds throughout the journey, is at the heart of the film and constitutes one of its greatest strengths.

The road trip of the three protagonists is an opportunity to explore sumptuous Moroccan landscapes, but also to question important social themes such as the place of women in Moroccan society, domestic violence, prostitution and transphobia. .

A film that marks Moroccan cinema

Queens was critically acclaimed in Morocco for its original and impactful look at society. The film also met with public success in Morocco and abroad. It was notably selected in several international festivals, including the Venice Film Festival’s Critics’ Week and the Marrakech International Film Festival.

Yasmine Benkiran explains: “ What I wanted, initially, was to build a story around three women behind the wheel of a truck. I grew up in Morocco, and the large, hyper-customized trucks that cross the country, there are many of them there, have always fascinated me “. This fascination with trucks, usually associated with the masculine, becomes a means of redefining the representation of Arab women in cinema.

A political and rock film

Speaking about his approach, Benkiran adds: “ It’s a political film, in any case, because it offers things that are a bit rock, which give an extra touch of age to old guys! » A statement that underlines the subversive intention of the film, which challenges traditional norms and offers a bold and refreshing vision of the Arab woman.

Queens is an important film which shakes up the codes of Moroccan cinema and gives a voice to often marginalized female characters. It’s a poignant, subversive and necessary film that deserves to be seen.

Additional information about the film:
Release date: May 17, 2023
Duration: 1h23
Genre: Drama, Road movie
Director: Yasmine Benkiran
Actresses: Nisrin Erradi, Nisrine Benchara, Rayhane Guaran
Country of production: Morocco, France, Belgium, Netherlands



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