PHOTOS Léa Seydoux in a Louis Vuitton suit: moments of tenderness with her partner Raphaël Quenard, in the midst of turmoil

An essential personality of the Cannes Festival, Léa Seydoux caused a sensation for the presentation of “Deuxième Acte”, the opening film of this 77th edition. After the red carpet, it’s time for the photocall and the press conference. The opportunity for the star to display all his complicity with his partners and defend his work.

PHOTOS Léa Seydoux in a Louis Vuitton suit: moments of tenderness with her partner Raphaël Quenard, in the midst of turmoil

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The festivities have started for the 2024 Cannes Film Festival! This Tuesday, May 14, the event opened with the screening of Quentin Dupieux’s new feature film, The Second Act. The prolific director presented, out of competition, his work alongside his actors: Manuel Guillot, Raphaël Quenard, Vincent Lindon, Léa Seydoux and Louis Garrel. A nice range of artists that the photographers found during the photocall organized this Wednesday, May 15, in outfits that were a little more casual, but still very chic. A great team that is still as complicit.

Léa Seydoux swapped her long dress covered in silver sequins by Louis Vuitton for a navy blue suit from the same house. The 38-year-old actress, who shone in the Palme d’Or The Life of Adelewas able to find his partner The beautiful person, a feature film which revealed Louis Garrel sixteen years ago, the latter having hinted at shy smiles in front of the flashes. Vincent Lindon, often in the spotlight at Cannes after an acting award (The law of the market), a Palme d’Or (Titanium) and the function of president of the jury, was in his element while Raphaël Quenard, a new sensation in French cinema who won the César for revelation this year with Dog of the breakage multiplied tender glances with her partner Léa Seydoux.

During the press conference at the Cannes Film Festival this Wednesday, Léa Seydoux was unsurprisingly questioned about the #Metoo movement which has taken on an unprecedented scale in France since the accusations of Judith Godrèche a few months ago. For the granddaughter of billionaire Jérôme Seydoux, co-president of the Pathé group, things are changing in the cinema industry: “I see that there is respect on set, sometimes there is no longer this familiarity, even for intimate scenes. I feel this global change, that respect is more present. The film also plays with that, also speaks of this movement of freedom of speech which was fundamental. I am also witness to this change, I was also an actress before and now I see the after.”

Léa Seydoux notably emphasized that she had not been the victim of attacks: “Even though I had mishaps, I was an actress who was very lucky when I started. I worked with people, I was respected all the same, well more or less…” An indirect allusion to the director Abdellatif Kechiche who directed it with Adèle Exarchopoulos in The Life of Adelea shoot that she described as particularly trying.

Raphaël Quenard at the heart of a rumor, he reacts

During the photo shoot, Raphaël Quenard was over the moon with the team of his film, but at the same time he is going through a complicated media situation since he is at the heart of a rumor. For several days, the shadow of a list has loomed over the Cannes festival, in which several big names in French cinema are accused of sexual assault or worse. During his appearance on the show Clickhe had also reacted to these attacks.

With his inimitable and rich phrasing, Raphaël Quenard denounced “the rumor virus” in front of Mouloud Achour’s camera on Canal+, specifying that he only speaks in his own name: “At first it causes a feeling of injustice and helplessness. (…) [Le problème, c’est que] defamation and slander can be done without there being any repercussions or convictions who are worthy of the name. What it costs people in their daily lives is infinitely times greater than the paltry convictions it leads to.” Despite the pain of the rumor, the artist is straight in his boots: I sleep like a log, because my mind is clear.

The 32-year-old actor does not want to present himself as a victim and reminds us that the important thing is to fight against violence in French cinema: “there are real people who are victims of real things and those who are guilty of horrors against them must necessarily be condemned and put out of harm’s way.” he insists. “There is not a shadow of a doubt about it.”



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