the parliamentary commission of inquiry promises “concrete” solutions for November

the parliamentary commission of inquiry promises “concrete” solutions for November
the parliamentary commission of inquiry promises “concrete” solutions for November

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Created on a suggestion from Judith Godrèche, the commission on sexual violence in performing arts begins its hearings on May 22.

The National Assembly’s commission of inquiry into the violence denounced in particular in cinema will submit its report “around the 4 november”with solutions “concrete” of a legislative nature but not only that, its rapporteur and its president announced on Wednesday.

The hearings of this commission, the creation of which was unanimously approved on May 2, will start on May 22, said environmentalist rapporteur Francesca Pasquini (Ecologist – NUPES) to the press, alongside President Erwan Balanant (MoDem ).

The creation of this body, which will also focus on the worlds of live performance, audiovisual, advertising and fashion, was requested by the actress Judith Godrèche, who has become one of the figures of the #MeToo movement. in France and who filed a complaint against the filmmakers Benoît Jacquot and Jacques Doillon for sexual and physical violence dating back to his adolescence.

The actress presents on Wednesday, at the Cannes Film Festival, a short film that she made to denounce sexual violence. “We are all the more determined because there are speeches every day on new facts that are brought to our attention”explained Francesca Pasquini. “These speeches must also lead to concrete actions”, according to her. In the report submitted at the end of its work, there will be “a legislative aspect” but also “regulatory proposals” or suggestions for “good practices”, specified Erwan Balanant. He discussed, with his colleague, labor legislation, mentioning “things not applied” And “maybe some shortages”. “How can we say that a child can do a casting alone with an adult?”he asked.

Asked whether Benoît Jacquot or the media psychoanalyst Gérard Miller, also accused of sexual violence, would be interviewed, Erwan Balanant replied: “We are not denying ourselves anything at all. With a cap: we are not prosecutors, (…) (nor) investigators. We are parliamentarians”. “Isn’t it up to the courts to hear them?”he added.

Francesca Pasquini also welcomed the broad scope retained: all these sectors “have a common point, that of the relationship with the body, of castings, of many moments identified as potentially failing or potentially having a form of legal vagueness”. The purpose of the commission is to evaluate the situation of minors, but also of adults working in these various fields, including schools preparing for these professions.



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