Montech: a festival on a barge

Montech: a festival on a barge
Montech: a festival on a barge

the essential
A 5 km/h festival which travels over a 400 km route, with concerts every evening, will once again leave from Montech (Tarn-et-Garonne).

This summer again, the festival barge is preparing to sail on the Canal du Midi at a contemplative pace of 5 km/h for nearly 400 kilometers, departing from Montech (Tarn-et-Garonne).

Its bridge, transformed into a concert stage, will welcome artists from the four corners of the world for thirteen evenings in twelve different towns. At the water’s edge, at each stopover, you will be able to discover behind the scenes of the festival with the “Radio Convivencia” program recorded live, before the concerts, from the banks of the canal. During the day, you can enjoy a heritage walk, a wine tasting with music, artistic/cultural education or a contemporary art exhibition…
In this roaming, Convivencia invites music from the African and American continents, Europe, the Mediterranean, the Maghreb, the Far East and even overseas territories. There we find artists who celebrate the spiritual heritage of their ancestors while affirming a committed word echoing contemporary struggles such as those against global warming, racism or even people’s rights and the fight against hatred and discrimination. .
Convivencia is a vibrant music festival that helps create unifying, lively and human moments, in an idyllic setting.

A virtuous dynamic

It is a succession of festivals in motion: through its active presence in public space and its commitments, Convivencia is fully committed to evaluating and maximizing its social and environmental impact. It includes the principles of sustainable development in each decision-making and actions implemented by creating a virtuous collective dynamic in all the territories it passes through and beyond.
Once again this year, the festival will moor its barge in Montech, on Saturday June 29, to start its 400 km journey towards Sète.
Saturday 29 will therefore be a fantastic festive day on the stationery site. Two concerts will be offered to you, with a big band, Le Grand Silence and a fantastic singer, Ëda Diaz.
The second evening will take place on Sunday June 30, in Grisolles, with Sian Pottok.
The Great Silence, whose name evokes the sensation of suspended time where humans are tiny and alive, allows us to see and hear a modern western, nourished by Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack and the tumultuous history of South America. North of the 19th century.
Ëda Diaz, Franco-Colombian, sings of love, death, filiation, the horrors of the modern world, light and intuition in a haunting work that allows joy, sadness and play.
But we’ll talk about it again!



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