Mandragora: the DJ with millions of plays who makes Toulouse shine

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Mandragora is a Mexican DJ known all over the world. But it was in the Pink City that he settled down 3 years ago, making Toulouse shine on the international electro scene.

Eduarto Neto, aka Mandragora, is 32 years old. Born in Chihuahua in Mexico, he left his country very young, first to live in Brazil for 10 years, then in France, in Toulouse, from 2021. “It was life that brought me here. I I met a lot of people who came from Occitanie, I joined my colleagues,” he says. So on his Instagram account, among the ultra festive videos of cheering crowds during his sets, we can see photos of him strolling through the red brick streets, or working behind the turntables in his Toulouse apartment.

He is the creator of a subgenre of electronic music called “futureprog”, a constantly evolving variation of trance. But in his own words: “It’s not that official.” Everything was born from a desire to increase its audience. “I created the hashtag ‘futureprog’ on SoundCloud, mainly to be the leader of a new movement, to be more easily spotted, to have more likes and listens.” And the objective has been largely achieved: he now has more than a million listeners per month on Spotify.

“Don’t follow someone else’s rules”

Her latest album “Alicia”, the eighth of her career, was released in March. “This project is a critique of the electronic music production that I see today,” he explains. “On Instagram, I have the impression that as soon as new music comes out, everyone wants to copy it as we would copy the clothes of someone whose style you like,” he jokes.

“You can make music without following someone else’s rules,” the DJ continues. “But it’s difficult to explain the difference in my music. It’s something that you can feel, you have to come see me play to understand that everyone else is boring.”

The artist has already performed on big stages like Garorock, Solidays, Delta Festival and Dour. And its summer program is already busy, with several festivals and events in France: Toulouse, Lille, Chaton, etc. His next date is June 8 in Curitiba, Brazil for the Blackartel Festival.



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