Movie theater. The Fall Guy, with Ryan Gosling: cascading black humor

Movie theater. The Fall Guy, with Ryan Gosling: cascading black humor
Movie theater. The Fall Guy, with Ryan Gosling: cascading black humor


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May 14, 2024 at 7:20 p.m.

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Hold on to your seat belt, you reckless person who ventures into The Fall Guy, because you will be treated to more than two hours of crazy stunts interspersed… real gunshots! We are on the set of an action film.

Tom disappears from the radar

Colt, the only stuntman that tolerates star Tom Ryder as an understudy, is about to perform an extremely dangerous jump. Crack! An accident and Colt is left with a neck brace for a while and above all a furious desire to abandon his job. For now, we find him valet for a nightclub. What he doesn’t know is that Jody, the young assistant director with whom he experienced a torrid passion, which ended badly, is in the process of filming his first feature, a slightly crazy sci-fi, with Tom Rider as headliner.

In the middle of filming, Tom disappears from the radar. Nobody knowing where he went, to find him, the production calls on the one who knows him best: Colt. If the latter refuses at first, as soon as he learns that it is Jody who is directing, he accepts. What he still doesn’t know is that he is stepping into a nest of vipers like only Hollywood can hatch. And here we are for a film that combines action with suspense, romance and spectacularity with incredible skill.

A terribly endearing actor

Shot using six cameras equipped with wide-angle and telephoto lenses, it is of course a tribute to the men and women behind the scenes who are the stuntmen. This film within a film, sumptuously framed, edited, lit, directed by someone who has already to his credit nothing less than John Wick (2014), Deadpool 2 (2018), Fast & Furious (2019) and Bullet Train (2022) is a brilliant success that is both hilarious and moving.

Pointing out in passing the overpower of producers but also the dangers of everything digital, the scenario is a luxury setting for two actors who are no less so: Emily BluntJody fractured by a disappointed love but achieving formidable pugnacity, and Ryan GoslingColt hilariously naive, candid, putting his skills as a stuntman to the benefit of his survival (in the story).

A terribly endearing actor, content with just one look to melt an entire room, a superbly gifted artist, capable of shining in La La Land, moving and supercharged in the film under heading, as comfortable in comedy as in action and black novels. A regressive film, with a touch of nostalgia certainly, but frankly entertaining. Real old-fashioned cinema. Terribly effective! Don’t leave too quickly at the end because a post credits sequence shows us the filming, in particular of the stunt scenes.


The Fall Guy, a film by David Leitch

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