Paris swept away by Swiftmania: comedian Math Duff attended Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” in the Parisian capital

Lacking a stadium worthy of the name, La Belle Province was ignored in Taylor Swift’s world tour. Comedian Math Duff, one of the rare Quebecers to have had the experience of Eras Tour in Paris, recounts one of the most memorable concerts he has seen in his life.

Somewhat indifferent to Swiftmania before being invited by the Procure foundation to accompany two Quebec fans, today he would not be reluctant to wear the label of swiftie.

“I’m not the biggest fan in the world, and some swifties around me wanted to break a chair behind my back because they were so jealous,” he jokes on the phone. But since I came back from the show, I’m even more of a fan. It’s one of the most impressive shows I’ve seen.”

The one who was named the queen of pop by THE Newspaper gave four concerts at the La Défense Arena in Paris. If you have planned an excursion to Lyon, where she will deliver two other performances on June 2 and 3, expect to feel the enormous enthusiasm for the Pennsylvanian artist.

Courtesy Math Duff

“It looked like Paris had switched in Taylor Swift mode, observed Math Duff. Everywhere you went, in tourist places (…) the frenzy was really palpable. It impressed me to see that the entire city was impacted by all of this.”

Simultaneous shows

Equipped with his friendship bracelets, this accessory that Taylor Swift fans exchange during concerts, the comedian was struck by the energy that emanated from the stage and the stands during the approximately three and a half hours of the concert.

Courtesy Math Duff

“There was the show on stage, but also the show from the fans around me,” he notes. There is so much camaraderie between his fans. Everyone is really intense and wearing outfits from a different era [de sa carrière].”

It was also in Paris that Taylor Swift presented for the first time in this 152 concert tour the pieces from her latest opus, The Tortured Poets Departmentarousing the excitement of the 40,000 disciples present each evening.

“To see how excited people were to have the chance to witness the beginnings of his new numbers and songs, it was still great.

“Honestly, I came out of that show and I was exhausted. It’s a phenomenon.”



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