Alex Perron’s elimination at Get Me Out of Here! greatly reacts to the public

One of the favorites of Get me out of here! is no longer in the game!

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The episode of Get me out of here! on Sunday May 12 left a bitter taste for some spectators with the elimination ofAlex Perron. Its release touched a lot of people.

Often put to the test, Alex showed admirable courage and unwavering determination. He was a constant support for his comrades, notably during the harrowing ordeal at the abandoned hotel, where he accompanied Audrey Roger throughout the challenge.


Photo Facebook Alex Perron

Following his elimination, Alex Perron shared a moving message on his Facebook page, sparking numerous reactions and praise.

Here is his publication:

Comments poured in under his post:

“You impressed and entertained me!”

“Well done Alex!! Whoever wins, for me, this year, you are the winner!!! Congratulations on this great adventure!! You are truly impressive! Thank you for all these good times!!!”

“Congratulations on facing so many challenges in Panama!”

“You were great throughout the adventure! Congratulations for your exceptional courage during the tests! You are the best !!! I find it sad that you are leaving… You have all my admiration.”

“Congratulations, you impressed me a lot. You are very brave!!! I wish you would have stayed longer. You made me laugh a lot.”

The reactions show unconditional love and support for his journey.

On the Facebook page of Get me out of here!, reactions to the camper’s departure were also numerous. Many point out that Alex Perron was often at the heart of challenges and that he overcame more than the other candidates.

Here’s a look at the comments on social media:

“Without taking anything away from others… Alex deserved better…”

“I would have liked to see Alex in the final, he would have deserved it so much.”

“Disappointed that Alex left, he really impressed me this season, he deserved to win, because I feel like he gave the most.”

“So disappointed, Alex would have deserved to win, he did more than everyone else.”

“I would have liked Alex Perron, we discovered you in a different light!”


Photo Facebook Get me out of here!

Alex Perron undoubtedly marked the second season of Get me out of here!

Don’t miss Get Me Out of Here! Sundays at 6:30 p.m. on TVA and TVA+.

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