Alain Sarde accused of rape

Producer Alain Sarde accused of rape

Published today at 12:12 p.m.

It is the weekly “Elle” which reveals the affair. Producer Alain Sarde, one of the most powerful and prolific in French cinema, particularly in the 80s and 90s, is caught up in accusations of rape. Nine women, some of them minors at the time, incriminate him.

The facts reported took place in the 80s and 90s, according to a modus operandi which seems more or less the same from one case to another: invitations to the producer, attempts at seduction, offered chocolates and finally attacks. Among these nine women, some mention attempts at pimping. All testify under cover of anonymity or with changed first names.

Previous in 1997

Alain Sarde, whose career would require a page to summarize, began in cinema alongside French actor Jean Yanne then worked as a collaborator with Roman Polanski. He then produced films by directors André Téchiné, Bertrand Tavernier, Claude Sautet and Jean-Luc Godard.

Among the facts reported by the magazine “Elle”, there is another accusation of rape against him, but which occurred in 1997. That year, the producer was indicted for rape “in a pimping case” involving other personalities of French cinema. The accusations, made at the time by two young women, ended in dismissal.

Concerning the current affair, Alain Sarde’s lawyer, Maître Jacqueline Laffont, did not immediately react to requests from “Elle”, but she then denied these “false” accusations which attribute to Alain Sarde ” behaviors that he disapproves of and which are totally foreign to him.” In all cases, “he refutes them with the greatest firmness and affirms that he has never used the slightest violence or coercion in his relationships with women whose consent has always been essential for him,” adds his counsel.

And the blacklist?

The release of this new case, which appears to be a continuation of the 1997 complaint concluded by a dismissal, coincidentally took place the day before or two days before the opening of the Cannes Film Festival. Let us clarify that the name of Alain Sarde is not one of those on the black and secret list which threatens to come out during the competition. But the concomitance of the two pushes us to see a form of opportunism in this announcement effect which seems to come at just the right time. Today in turmoil, the producer, once as powerful as he was feared, should experience some difficult times. Will the festival address the matter, will it comment on it? This seems almost impossible.

In the meantime, Mediapart has denied having a list of perpetrators of sexual violence. While denouncing “the pathetic media spectacle” given by those who gave it credence. And this is how a soufflé deflates.

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