Sexual violence: discover an extract from “Me Too”, the short film by Judith Godrèche

Sexual violence: discover an extract from “Me Too”, the short film by Judith Godrèche
Sexual violence: discover an extract from “Me Too”, the short film by Judith Godrèche

The actress and director directed “Me Too”, a short film dedicated to sexual violence.

It was filmed with a thousand anonymous victims who contacted her by email in recent months.

TF1info is showing you an extract ahead of its presentation this Wednesday at the Cannes Film Festival.

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Sexual violence: new wave of accusations in the cinema industry

It awakened French cinema, six years after the birth of the #MeToo movement in the United States. By denouncing the sexual violence she allegedly suffered at the hands of two famous filmmakers when she was a teenager, actress and director Judith Godrèche triggered a movement for the liberation of speech which spread to the entire Company.

She prolongs her fight with Me too, a 17-minute short film which will be unveiled this Wednesday as part of the 77th Cannes Film Festival, opening the Un Certain Regard section and as part of the Cinéma de la plage where it will be accessible to the public on the Croisette. TF1info invites you to discover an excerpt in the video above.

In a few weeks, 6000 testimonies arrived, all different

Judith Godrèche

Filmed over the course of a day in Paris during the winter, Me too was born in an astonishing way. After her first statements on Instagram in January, Judith Godrèche created a private email box to collect the words of victims of rape and sexual assault. “In a few weeks, 6000 testimonies arrived, all different“, she says in the press kit for the film.

It could be ‘I’m 70 years old, I’ve never told anyone about it in my life, but I just wrote a letter to tell the story’, or ‘I’m walking towards the police station’, Or ‘This is my story, I’ll tell it to you.’ But with one thing in common: the liberation of speech (…) At my disposal, I have writing and cinema as means of expression; I then considered involving the people who had contacted me in a film that would pay tribute to them.”

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In the images that we invite you to discover, we can see Tess Barthélémy, the daughter of Judith Godrèche, dancing among a crowd of these anonymous people who came to participate in the project. In voice-over, the young actress reads snippets of their testimonies. Me too also benefits from the participation of British singer Beth Orton who performs a new song composed by Faux Amis, the group of which Noé Boon, the director’s son, is a member.




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