Lina harassed and threatened with death: the major revelations of the cousin of the missing teenager

Lina harassed and threatened with death: the major revelations of the cousin of the missing teenager
Lina harassed and threatened with death: the major revelations of the cousin of the missing teenager

Lina, 15, remains untraceable, seven and a half months after her disappearance in Bas-Rhin.

Louane, cousin and confidante of the teenager, testified this Sunday in front of the cameras of “Sept à Huit”.

The one who was never heard by the investigators provided major new elements.

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Disturbing disappearance of Lina, 15, in Alsace

“She was taking a shower when I said goodbye to her from the hallway. She was so happy… And then, nothing.” Seven and a half months that Fanny Grol lives in unbearable waiting. His friends and strangers still organize several hunts per week in the hope of finding his daughter Lina, aged 15 at the time of her disappearance, on Saturday September 23, 2023, on the 3 km path separating the family home from the train station. from Saint-Blaise-la-Roche (Bas-Rhin), along the D350. In vain, for now. But, while the investigation seemed to be stalling, “Sept à Huit” collected, in a report broadcast this Sunday, May 12 (to watch in full at the top of this article), the precious testimony of Louane, 17 years old, close cousin of the missing woman, who has, surprisingly, still not been interviewed by investigators.

“Lina, she’s like my sistershe confides to TF1 with a smile as sad as it is tender. She is my confidante and my best friend. We share everything together, we do everything the same. She’s a naughty girl, a little girl full of joy. When we see each other, we are so happy.” The last time was during a joint family vacation in Tunisia, a month and a half before the disappearance. “We were together all the timeshe continues. We were talking about the future. We wondered what we would do when we grew up. We imagined that we would live close to each other, that we would have horses…” According to her, “Lina was too close to her mother to have been able to run away, even with a boyfriend”.

“I’m afraid they really will”

If she had, a priori, no reason to run away, between her personal assistance CAP and her close relationship with Tao, a young 19-year-old worker met through a mutual friend, the teenager had, on the other hand, filed complaint for gang rape against two young men, aged 19 and 20, on June 27, 2022. A case dismissed in spring 2023, for “insufficiently characterized offense”. “She told me about it a month and a half after the facthis mother testifies today to “Sept à Huit”. She really made sure not to show anything, so as not to worry or make me upset. But she ended up talking about it because it seems that she suffered waves of insults following this rape.

According to our information, Lina was harassed for several months, verbally and on social networks, from the spring of 2022. This is confirmed, for the first time, by Louane in front of the camera of “Sept à Huit”: “At first, I thought they were friends, girls jealous of her, but then she told me that it had nothing to do, that it was in relation to her complaint that she was being harassed. She never told me by whom I didn’t see the messages, but she told me ‘there are some who threaten me with death’, ‘there are some who threaten the family’. There are some who threaten to come into my house and catch me.”

“I asked her to show me these messages but she didn’t want to. Well, she didn’t dare, I think. I have the impression that she wanted to resolve this on her own, without involving other people, To protect themcontinues her cousin. Lina tried to keep it to herself, but in the evening, she thought about it a lot, she told me when she couldn’t sleep. I asked her why that worried her so much and she replied: ‘I’m afraid they really will.’

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Chance or coincidence: in addition to the death threats, the young girl would have suffered two thefts during the same period, the last of which dates from August 2023. “We can clearly see that the garage door was forced open with a crowbarshows his mother to our camera. They took out the motorcycle with the lock on it. We immediately thought that someone wanted to harm Lina and that it was targeted. That’s what I told the police afterwards, but they didn’t take me seriously.”

Are these events linked or is it a combination of circumstances? One certainty: investigators recently decided to reopen the rape case closed five months before Lina’s disappearance. “She was consenting, I have snaps which prove that she was well before and after (sexual intercourse). (…) I was also questioned for the disappearance, I have an alibi: I made a video on Snapchat at the time she disappeared, I was in my bed”, indicates to “Sept à Huit” one of the two young men implicated in the said complaint. The other did not respond to requests from the authors of the report.

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And it is precisely his profile which now particularly intrigues the Strasbourg public prosecutor’s office, in charge of investigations within the framework of the judicial information “against X” for “kidnapping and sequestration not followed by a voluntary release of more than seven days “opened in the wake of the disappearance, since The latest news from Alsace revealed, this May 8, that the individual in question was already the subject, before the complaint filed by Lina, of an investigation for a double rape committed against two other teenage girls, also minors at the time of the facts, in addition of having been convicted, twice, for violence against two girlfriends. A psychiatric expertise, requested during one of these procedures, describes him as a man “without limits”Who “lives in denial” and to the “certain criminal danger”.

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