In Paimpol, the young singer Elsa Carolan is preparing for the BAM festival

In Paimpol, the young singer Elsa Carolan is preparing for the BAM festival
In Paimpol, the young singer Elsa Carolan is preparing for the BAM festival


Annick Guillemot

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May 13, 2024 at 6:22 p.m.

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THE BAM festival, the grand Artistic and Musical Bazaar, which will take place in Paimpol (Côtes-d’Armor) from May 16 to 19, 2024 will be the opportunity to discover, for those who do not yet know her, the young a singer paimpolaise, Elsa Carolan.

In a register folk with compositions in French, it is accompanied by a guitarof a bouzouki and a Indian harmonium.

In rehearsal at the Sirène

The young singer, who debuted on stage in 2019 at the festival Walk with Brassens de Saint-Quay, was invited for a two-day residency at the La Sirène cultural center in Paimpol, where she will give her concert This Friday May 17 (at 8:30 p.m.).

Thanks to stage manager Etienne Kerbaul, she was able to rehearse her concert there at the end of April, with the invaluable help of André Cozine, technical manager, but also, under the benevolent gaze of SiiAn, another singer, musician and composer accustomed to the place:

It’s a sharing of experiences because it’s hard to have an overview of yourself when you’re on stage, it’s good to have an outside perspective.


“Beautiful and controlled”

Placement on stage or of the voice, choice of the flow of the pieces, choice of microphone… so many tips “which can highlight one’s writing and the substance of one’s artistic proposition” continues SiiAn:

She’s a real singer, her work is beautiful and mastered, precise and conscientious, it’s already enormous. So we can work on what will allow him to push the interpretation of his music to the maximum.

Elsa Carolan has already performed at the Sailor Song Festival last summer and at the Fabrique à mots, but she will play for the first time at the Mermaid.

An album in preparation

A scene which is, however, not unknown to her since she was a student at the music school and also performed there with the choir of the Chombart college in Lauwe, where she cut her teeth.

Videos: currently on -

After her concert on Friday in Paimpol, she will do a 5-date mini-tour in Burgundy.

She continues to prepare new pieces with a view to upcoming albumafter his first EP released in 2022.

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