a film that is too superficial with Ryan Gosling stuck in “Barbie” according to Le Masque

a film that is too superficial with Ryan Gosling stuck in “Barbie” according to Le Masque
a film that is too superficial with Ryan Gosling stuck in “Barbie” according to Le Masque

The story of a stuntman, Colt Seavers, who thought he was retired after a serious accident, but to whom his agent offers him a chance to return to a blockbuster, which is directed by Colt’s former girlfriend. She harbors some resentment towards him. Thereupon, the star of the film disappears and Colt finds himself embroiled in a criminal plot. This action film coupled with a romantic comedy, is directed by David Leitch, a former stuntman himself, and in 2024, on the big screen, Colt Seavers now has the features of Ryan Goslingwho forms a duo with Emily Blunt.

For Murielle Joudet it’s a failed romantic comedy and much too superficial

Since Quentin Tarantino’s latest film, “Once upon a time in Hollywood”, the film review of World However, she was impatiently awaiting this scenario as she highly esteems the figure of the stuntman in Hollywood cinema in general. This is without taking into account the very shaky and superficial storyline of the film: “I was waiting with great pleasure for a return to action, which had completely disappeared from American cinema, in other words the stunt and which would remind a little of Buster Keaton or ” Mission Impossible”, something I personally miss.

But, watching this film, I realized – and this is something quite symptomatic in Hollywood – that we no longer know how to tell a single story, because we tell several stories at the same time. Through the prism of the romantic story, David Leitch absolutely does not know how to film a man talking to a woman, it’s terrible. She is more interested in her heartbreak than her filming. Especially since Ryan Gosling seems completely disfigured by cosmetic medicine. The filmmaker no longer knows where to turn, his film does not succeed on any of the counts. The scenes are cross-hatched, unreadable in the action scenes.”

It’s a total failure, according to Pierre Murat

The journalist for Telerama had loved “Bullet Train” which nevertheless included multiple stories, but cleverly carried out with each other, unlike this new film: “This time, the problem is that nothing works. The only thing to which I cling to, it’s Ryan Gosling and his double, Aaron Taylor-Johnson They look alike and there is certainly a little number which reminds a little of the humor of “Bullet Train”, except that this time,. It’s a total failure.”

Xavier Leherpeur dismayed by so much superficiality

The completely offbeat side of the film and its headliner is not enough, according to the critic of 7th Obsession : “Any offbeat fictional element is simply an excuse to endure an endless and extremely boring succession of chases, fights, testosterone and virility. Nothing exists around the action sequences, and Ryan Gosling, who I love rather good for its quirky side, remained stuck in “Barbie”, frozen in every sense of the word, monolith and as expressive as a Playmobil”.

For Ariane Allard, the story is boring, weak and ineffective

The film also disappointed the magazine’s review Chatwho also loved “Bullet Train”: “The film is a bit like its hero and the actor who plays it, very muscular, and driven by really tedious action scenes. The film is full of special effects, and remains quite bland I think. the writers didn’t find the right formula at all because Ryan and Emily are meant to be friends and not at all meant to be lovers. This friendly complicity means that the story is completely weak and lazy, and it can’t work. This film is really a failure compared to the previous one, where there was a radical point of view regarding the satirical aspect. There, it’s a slightly tense homage, and that’s why we’re bored, because he doesn’t push his point of view to the end.”

? Listen to all the criticisms exchanged about this film on the set of Le Masque et la Plume:


“The Fall Guy” by David Leitch

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