Squeezie back on YouTube, the funniest reactions

Squeezie back on YouTube, the funniest reactions
Squeezie back on YouTube, the funniest reactions

Many of you were waiting for it, here it is: the back of Squeezie on Youtube has officially been teased through a short video which makes your mouth water. And inevitably, Internet users were quick to react.

lucas hauchard’s long break on youtube

According to certain comments on social networks or under the YouTuber’s latest videos, doing without Squeezie is a difficult ordeal for thousands of Internet users. And yet, they had been warned. On January 22, the YouTuber published a video entitled Last one for a while, thanks. More than an hour long, it took the form of a simple discussion. With his friends, Lucas Hauchard looked back on the path traveled, but also on the future of the channel with 18.8 million subscribers. The videographer then announced to take a big break, which ultimately lasted almost four months. Let his fans rest assured, this endless wait will end on Saturday May 18, as announced on X via a tempting teaser. It’s about time, since Squeezie is closer than ever to being overtaken by Tibo InShape in number of subscribers.

Back on youtube Saturday May 18 pic.twitter.com/uk0qf9uXsY


the return of squeezeie excites Internet users

It is therefore in a short video of around thirty seconds that Squeezie announced its return, teasing several very promising videos with renowned guests. Let us cite, among others, a third episode of What’s behind the door? with Éric and Ramzy, as well as yet another Who is the imposter? with Omar Sy and DJ Snake. Enough to make the mouths of the fans, already extremely excited. But social networks oblige, Internet users also reacted with a lot of humor.

He saw Tibo In Shap going to take his place he said: pic.twitter.com/692i1IBH63


obviously I had to say that for squeezie to announce his return… https://t.co/P4Q9hbZZMK


My life since I learned of Squeezie’s return pic.twitter.com/0nt7Fqpo67


Almost 19 million subscribers but yes yes it’s finite it’s clear


suicide canceled squeezie is back https://t.co/YQJf5zf2Jh


I’m outside, I left the table. I can’t manage. I can’t do it. I’m alone crying because SQUEEZIE IS FUCKING BACK


Tibo faced with the announcement of Squeezie’s return when he was this close to overtaking him pic.twitter.com/1BJE16DMkr


not phew


The imposter with DJ Snake and Omar Sy, who is behind the door with Mister V, Eric and Ramzy…

THIS IS WHAT WE WANT!!!! pic.twitter.com/zXVSER1wnn


Please don’t let Tibo Inshape’s fraud overtake you


It’s already the video of the year lol pic.twitter.com/Ea5FljqtbO


And you, tell us if you are hyped by the return of Squeezie on YouTube in the comments!



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