prognosis and results of the day

prognosis and results of the day
prognosis and results of the day

This Monday, the Loto will bring into play a jackpot of 5 million euros. An exceptional amount, resulting from the absence of a big winner in the last draws. Players are invited to submit their grid before 8:15 p.m. to try to win this substantial sum. The results of this day’s Loto draw will be published live from 8:50 p.m. and broadcast on the TF1 channel.

? Information to remember for the Loto on Monday May 13, 2024

  • Play a grid for this Monday : you have the choice between a simple grid (5 numbers + 1 Chance number), a multiple grid (up to 9 numbers) or a Multichances pack (play in a group with other players on
  • Loto predictions: the recommended numbers according to the latest statistics are the numbers 21, 11, 39, 6, 44 and the lucky number 6.

The Loto draw on May 11 did not crown a big winner in first place. The numbers drawn were 6, 13, 24, 39, 43 and the Chance number 8. The most significant winnings were won by two players who each won 113,321 euros for finding five correct numbers, very close to the jackpot.

Playing a Loto grid: the steps to check your grid

Participating in the Loto, whether online or at a point of sale, remains the only way to compete for the jackpot. To discover the different ways to play, check out this article.

The steps for play a French Loto grid today :

  1. ➡️ Create an account on or visit a point of sale.
  2. ➡️ Credit your account by credit card (minimum deposit of €5).
  3. ➡️ Choose your grid type (single, multiple, or Multichances) and check your numbers.
  4. ➡️ Validate your game Loto before 8:15 p.m. on the day of the draw, this Monday, May 13.

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Loto predictions: the numbers to play today

Statistics-based predictions are a valuable tool for players looking to maximize their chances. To access a complete analysis of the most and least expected numbers, consult all Loto statistics here.

It is essential to understand that predictions do not guarantee future winnings, as each drawing is independent of previous ones.

Here is a table of predictions for this Monday’s draw :

Most anticipated numbers Least expected numbers Editor’s prediction
11, 32, 37, 23, 28 43, 13, 24, 39, 6 39, 18, 19, 25, 42

FAQ: frequently asked questions about Loto FDJ

What is the amount of the Loto jackpot at stake in the draw?

The Loto jackpot for this Monday, May 13, 2024 is 5 million euros, increased by 10 winning codes at €20,000 each, plus an additional jackpot of €100,000 with the 2nd draw option.

What time will the Loto results be available today?

The Loto results are broadcast simultaneously on TF1 and published live on Join us at 8:50 p.m. to follow the day’s draws.

What are the chances of winning today’s Loto draw?

The chances of winning the Loto jackpot are 1 in 19 million. With the 2nd draw option, your chances increase to 1 in 4 for minor wins.

How many players are participating in this Monday’s Loto draw?

Around 3 to 4 million grids are played every Monday, offering relatively high winning chances compared to weekend draws.

⚠️Loto is a game of chance. Gambling can be dangerous: loss of money, family conflicts, addiction, etc. Find advice on (09 74 75 13 13 – non-premium rate call).

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