French customs presents its results for the year 2023

French customs presents its results for the year 2023
French customs presents its results for the year 2023

French customs has obtained remarkable results both in terms of support and support for international trade operators, and in terms of the fight against illicit trafficking and organized crime.

Present across all vectors, customs maintains an intensity of control which allows it to adapt to developments in different fraud phenomena. The overall trend in drug seizures is increasing, due to cases carried out abroad, on information or at the initiative of customs. Seizures of narcotics increased from 125 tonnes to 140 tonnes, an increase of 12%.

Goods policing, customs reconciles the fluidity of commercial exchanges and targeted controls, particularly thanks to new technologies. The coordination of intelligence with the operational aspect and the use of the judicial investigation carried out by the ONAF (National Anti-Fraud Office), including the essential activity of controls, make customs a perfectly integrated tool.

Here are its main results:


  • 92.64 tonnes seized in 2023 and 47.73 tonnes abroad.

French customs intelligence allowed the seizure of 40 tonnes of cocaine by foreign services. Thanks to this collaboration, these seizures are carried out as close as possible to the places of production before the narcotics arrive on the national territory. This work fully illustrates the shield strategy that customs is implementing.


  • 18,732 findings made.

521.04 tonnes of tobacco and cigarettes seized. 2023 remains an exceptional year, with the number of findings still increasing by +10%. The drop in the average volume of seizures reflects the adaptation of traffickers (dissemination of stocks, transport of smaller quantities) after a record year in 2022, which saw the seizure of 649.07 tonnes.


  • A record year with 20.48 million items seized compared to 11.53 million in 2022.

Among them, 8.6 million toys and games, 1.33 million personal care products, 1.17 million clothing and accessories; 15 million drinks and foodstuffs.


Cultural properties

  • 43 findings in 2023 (35 in 2022) leading to the seizure of 23,320 cultural items.

Threatened species

  • 538 findings in 2023, compared to 423 in 2022.

Money laundering and criminal assets

  • 163.27 million euros in criminal assets seized or identified, compared to 175.5 million in 2022. 136 cases of customs laundering were noted.

In 2023, customs also supported and advised companies in their import/export procedures.

Offered cutting-edge services to support French foreign trade and protected legal trade against the underground economy and criminal networks:

Release of goods by customs

  • 96% of declarations were cleared in less than 5 minutes

User satisfaction rate

Cutting-edge labeling for trusted operators

France is at 2e European rank for the status of approved economic operator with 1906 labels awarded, 700 pieces of information on made in France delivered, 2166 companies having benefited from personalized advice (2124 in 2022).

Protection against counterfeiting

  • 1,541 requests for intervention by intellectual property rights holders in 2023 (DI) including 487 managed by France.

Thomas Cazenave, Minister Delegate in charge of Public Accounts declared:

“The fight against trafficking and organized crime requires a permanent commitment. I congratulate customs officers for these results obtained in 2023 thanks to their mobilization and determination. The results of the first months of 2024 are particularly encouraging, notably with record tobacco seizures thanks to Operation Colbert II, but also the intensification of the fight against synthetic drugs, on which I will have the opportunity to comment. express in the coming days. The new material resources allocated to customs in the ports will also allow them to increase their efficiency in seizures. The period of the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be particularly busy for customs, deployed throughout France to ensure our collective security and I thank them for that. The different types of fraud constitute a danger for our security, our health and our economy: I make this fight a priority. »

Customs annual review 2023



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