Haute-Saône. Singer Ad’ launches crowdfunding campaign for her first album

Haute-Saône. Singer Ad’ launches crowdfunding campaign for her first album
Haute-Saône. Singer Ad’Line launches crowdfunding campaign for her first album

Ad’, whose real name is Adeline Cunat, originally from Ronchamp, scratched her first notes on her guitar at the age of 12. Since the age of 18, she has taken her voice to concert cafés and festivals. At 33, freshly on and off for a month, she is slowly making a place for herself in the musical world: “I am delighted to make it my career. »

Release scheduled for September 2024

the release of two EPs of four and six tracks, between 2021 and 2023, She no longer knows how to love And Choices, Ad’Line is preparing to make a dream come true: a first album, with the support of the Ad’Prod association and the independent label Labophonic. For two years now, she has been working on it with the author, composer, performer, Alex Bianchi. The release of the album, titled A smile in the sunis scheduled for September 2024.

“It’s a decidedly more folk universe”

In this album, where fourteen musicians collaborate, the artist sings the delights of life, talks about herself, about people, about society. “It’s about love, going back to basics… Everyone can find themselves in the songs. A decidedly more folk universe than what we were able to do for the two EPs, with many banjo and mandolin sounds,” she says. A journey through space and time.

Nine original compositions and a cover by Francis Cabrel

This new opus brings together nine original compositions and a cover by Francis Cabrel, his mother’s favorite singer. “His songs rocked my entire childhood,” she confides.

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Finance production and promotion costs

To help finance promotion costs (posters, flyers, press officer, etc.) and production costs (studio rental, travel expenses, recording, mixing, etc.), Ad’Line launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Ulule platform. There are just over sixty days left. In total, she needs a budget of €18,000 but “we aim to raise €7,900”, underlines the singer. It is possible to make a simple donation or choose rewards – collector’s CD or vinyl, t-shirt, etc.

“The goal is also to shed more light on this project. We grow slowly, to then bring the songs to theaters,” she mentions.

Link to the Ulule website; Facebook page ; Instagram



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