Saint-Girons: Cesaria Evora Orchestra, distinguished guest of the RITE 2024 Festival

Saint-Girons: Cesaria Evora Orchestra, distinguished guest of the RITE 2024 Festival
Saint-Girons: Cesaria Evora Orchestra, distinguished guest of the RITE 2024 Festival

the essential
The program for the next RITE festival, which will be held at the beginning of August in Saint-Girons, promises a week of guaranteed change of scenery around the Cape Verdean band.

After the great success of the RITE 2023 festival, and in particular the closing concert with Grupo Compay Segundo, the Bethmalais are renewing the formula next August and thus continuing the new direction taken by the festival.

This year, the distinguished guest will be the Cape Verdean musical group Cesaria Evora Orchestra. The musicians of Cesaria Evora continue to carry the famous repertoire of “the barefoot singer” throughout the world. For this, they were joined by Téofilo Chantre, composer of several hits by Cesaria Evora and himself a singer, but also by the new wave of Cape Verdean singers, each as talented as the next: Elida Almeida, Cezany Pires and Lucibela .

Three voices to discover

Elida Almeida seduces from her first album in 2015 with her warm and suave voice, also capable of exceptional power. She has established herself on the world music scenes of Europe, Africa and North America.

Cezany Pires, first singer of the group Cordas do Sol in 2007, released her first solo album, “Nha Vida”, in 2012, attracting the attention of professionals and national and foreign media. Her notoriety takes off and in 2022 she is in a duo with Christophe Maé (Clip “Pays des Merveilles”).

Lucibela was first the star of musical evenings in the Cape Verdean capital before moving to Lisbon in 2016. Compared to Cesaria Evora, Lucibela is a real revelation for professionals, journalists and show organizers during the Atlantic music Expo from 2017.

250 artists present

A beautiful poster for this festival which will take place this year from August 3 to 9. In addition to the Cesaria Evora Orchestra, the 250 artists present will come from Bolivia, Malawi, Nepal, Chile, Romania, Bulgaria and, for Occitanie, the Barlounguère men’s choir will join Les Bethmalais.

Three events are planned in Saint-Girons at the Parc des Expositions: August 7 at 8 p.m., the dinner show; on August 8 at 8 p.m., the big show “World Cultures”; and on August 11 at 9 p.m., the Cesaria Evora Orchestra concert, preceded from 7 p.m. by a bodega-tapas entertainment with Barlounguère and the orchestras of Malawi and Bolivia.

We can bet that this poster around this distinguished guest will appeal to the 20,000 usual RITE spectators.



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