Philippe Lellouche takes aim at La France Insoumise

Philippe Lellouche takes aim at La France Insoumise
Philippe Lellouche takes aim at La France Insoumise

By Sarah Lecoeuvre

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VIDEOS – Guest on Radio J on Sunday, the actor attacked members of Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s party, committed to the Palestinian cause.

I am French and Jewish, very proud of both and that will not change “. This Sunday morning, on Radio J, Philippe Lellouche discusses the rise of anti-Semitism in France since the Hamas attacks of October 7 in Israel. The theater actor believes that La France Insoumise wants to rise “people against each other“.

LFI considers that the French problem is Gaza. I don’t hear LFI commenting on anything other than that. That is to say that there are no more French people suffering, there is no poverty in this country. The main misery of this country is what is happening in Gaza, it is extraordinary », he quips at Frédéric Haziza’s microphone before targeting Rima Hassan. Last week on a BFMTV set, this candidate for the European elections estimated “that Israel was worse than Russia“. “They took a very pretty girl with a sick brain who spreads false information», Judge Philippe Lellouche. “And as there is a general wokism which contaminates the editorial offices, we do not dare to contradict it», he adds.

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Other figures in the party will take it for their rank like Aymeric Caron, ex-columnist of Laurent Ruquier in “On n’est pas couche”, particularly involved in the pro-Palestinian mobilizations of Sciences Po students.It’s funny to take TV failures like him and suddenly he has a political vocation (…) He was much more effective when he took care of mosquitoes“.

“Jean-Luc Mélenchon is doing what Jean-Marie Le Pen did twenty years ago”

Philippe Lellouche on Radio J on May 12, 2024

Then, it is the turn of the leader, Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “A guy with pony teeth who changes his mind like his shirt», comments Philippe Lellouche who also reiterates his comments made last October on i24 News. “ This is anti-Semitic rubbish. (…) We should listen a lot less to what this guy says, but as he goes further and further into provocation, he ultimately does what Jean-Marie Le Pen did twenty years ago. He says sentences that will be repeated everywhere (…) I would love a trial with him because I will be able to prove that he is anti-Semitic“. What about Louis Boyard? “He is out of competition», sweeps away the guest.

It’s a bunch of guys who think they’re good intellectuals who invent skills in geopolitics and human sciences», summarizes the former presenter of “Top Gear France” with regard to the men and women of the LFI party. There is only one quality in these individuals: their “communication» and this faculty of “deal with all the nonsense that’s coming out right now“. “They have their fifteen minutes of fame which will not last,” declares Philippe Lellouche.



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