Culture – Leisure – Porto-Vecchio: “Unifying events that bring generations together”

Culture – Leisure – Porto-Vecchio: “Unifying events that bring generations together”
Culture – Leisure – Porto-Vecchio: “Unifying events that bring generations together”

I Baroni are in their fifteenth year of existence, does that make you feel a little dizzy?

We remain a team of young Porto-Vecchiais, even if we are now fifteen years older and most of us have become parents. If we continue this adventure, it is also for them, for these new generations who want to participate. We have kept a double core group to organize popular events, with around twenty very involved members, and volunteers who respond, including when we launch an appeal on social networks.

Carnival in February, Carruleddu next Sunday and Midsummer in June. I Baroni specialize in popular festivals?

In a way, yes. We try to liven up the first half of the year as best we can, by offering unifying events that bring generations together. If we had more young people in the association, we would undoubtedly offer even more activities, and we are open to any proposal. But honestly, the challenge, more than having more members or volunteers, is to unite, to bring people into the streets and then to have new members.

So the association is doing pretty well?

Yes. We have volunteers, sponsors and partners who help us with half of our overall annual budget which is €100,000, all without public subsidy, even if we are helped by the municipality, but rather by a loan from material or services, not in cash, as other partners or sponsors may do.

On another note, we are proud of the success of our free carnival events which brought together 6,000 people in the middle of winter, with floats and costumes created with family or friends, with very high quality. We made the bet to remain popular, to show that the Porto-Vecchiais spirit is very much alive, and this has taken hold socially speaking. Seeing people who work so hard is the greatest reward.

A regret, perhaps, with the discontinuation of A casa di a lingua?

Covid has done us a lot of harm. We were on the verge of professionalization, essential for the structure to be viable and develop. But with two blank years, it was no longer possible to continue the transmission work in this way.

Sunday will be the sixth edition of the Carruleddu Championship. What to expect ?

We should have between thirty and forty tanks, which will set off on an elongated route, which will start from the foot of the bell tower on the Cours Napoléon to reach the Pascal-Paoli quay, hence the name Da Napuliò a Paoli. This will also be the common thread of the notion of transmission through a heritage component. This is why we asked some of our elders to share their memories of Carruleddi di tandu.



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