why the comedy by Artus is a hit at the cinema

why the comedy by Artus is a hit at the cinema
why the comedy by Artus is a hit at the cinema

A popular figure in humor and television, Artus made a sensational entry at the box office with “A little thing in addition”: more than a million spectators had already seen the film on Monday evening, according to figures collected by CBO Box-Office.

On the day of its release, May 1, the film even had the best start of the year, beating blockbusters like “Dune, Part II,” released in February in twice as many theaters, or “Kung Fu Panda 4.”

Broadcast in 455 cinemas, with many full theaters in the provinces, its release was extended “in the second week to respond to the enthusiasm”, indicated the distributor, who was counting on exceeding one million admissions as of last Tuesday.

The recipe for this box? A very accessible and tender comedy, which aims to laugh “with” disabled people, and not at their expense. Because here, the two “able-bodied”, played by Clovis Cornillac and Artus, are at their expense.

Father and son on screen, they play two small-time thugs who decide to rob a jewelry store. Lacking potty, the dad parked the car in a disabled place, in front of a home, and it was taken away.

To escape the police, they only have one chance left: to get on the bus which is taking a group of young people with mental disabilities to a summer camp, supervised by their educator (Alice Belaïdi).

Artus will pose as a boarder, Clovis Cornillac as his specialized educator.

Above all, the film draws its “little extra something” from the dozen amateur actors with disabilities.who respond to the professional actors, playing the young people of the group.

The team spirit works, each actor playing his part — the romantic, the Dalida fan, the football player, the shameless…

When mental disability is often caricatured on screen, “A little thing in addition” takes the side of working with disabled people themselves.

” Live together ”

The film was a gamble for Artus, 36 years old, real name Victor-Artus Solaro, better known until now as a figure of humor, already playing disabled people in sketches, and on the small screen.

He made his acting debut as agent Jonas Maury in “The Legends Bureau” and has since taken on roles in comedies. He recounted his difficulty in finding producers, who were wary of the idea of ​​filming a comedy about disability and even more so with actors who themselves had a disability.

The success of the film proves Artus right. And recalls that of “Huitième jour”, a drama with Daniel Auteuil and the actor with Down syndrome Pascal Duquenne, which earned them both a share in the male actor prize at Cannes in 1996.

Or, in a completely different genre, the success of “Rencontres du Papotin”, on France 2, where people suffering from autism spectrum disorder question personalities, including the President of the Republic.

The success of the film is goodit shows that people can live together,” rejoices Sonia Ahehehinnou, vice-president of Unapei, the main association defending people with disabilities and their loved ones.

She also underlines the importance of casting, where people with disabilities are actors in their own right, “who show their ability in the profession”. “I hope the effect will not be limited to the success of the film,” she adds. And that in cinemas, the seats reserved for the disabled are not always the most poorly placed.



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