“Critical thinking” cinema: stunts, time loop and torture

“Critical thinking” cinema: stunts, time loop and torture
“Critical thinking” cinema: stunts, time loop and torture

Watching a man fall; get out of a time loop and enter the brains of the torturers: this is the program of today’s “Critical Mind”. In fact, we mention The Fall Guythe big-money film by David Leitch with Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt, then Like a Mondayfirst feature film by Japanese director Ryo Takebayashi, and finally the new documentary by Iranian director based in France, Mehran Tamadon, entitled My worst enemy.

The Fall Guy »

The Fall Guy is the blockbuster of the moment, supposed to offer a concentrate of contemporary Hollywood cinema by mixing action cinema and romantic comedy. The film is by David Leitch, who has become one of the names in blockbuster films, notably with Bullet Train, but is also organized around a romantic intrigue between Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt. The first is a former stuntman, having stopped working after an accident and at the same time disappeared without warning from this woman’s life.

He finds himself having to return to filming, precisely on the science fiction feature film shot by director Jody Moreno, played by Emily Blunt, in order to find his missing star actor and replace him on stunts, which are as much opportunities for the director to make him pay for his disappearance a few years earlier. The film is a distant and free adaptation of a successful series from the 1980s, The man who falls at the right time.

The Fall Guydirected by David Leitch, has been in theaters since 1er last May.

Like a Monday »

Like a Monday is the debut film of Japanese director Ryo Takebayashi. It takes place entirely in the offices of a company where a young advertising executive, his colleagues and his enthusiastic boss find themselves not only like a Monday at the office, but actually stuck in a time loop that makes them relive the same scene eternally, like in the reference film on the subject A day without end. The employees of this communications agency constantly relive the week of October 25 to 31, as indicated by a calendar that often returns to the screen in this satire of corporate life.

Like a Mondaysigned Ryo Takebayashi, has been in theaters since Wednesday, May 8.

My worst enemy »

My worst enemy is a documentary film by Mehran Tamadon, in theaters since last Wednesday. The Iranian director is releasing another film next week, titled Where God is nota more traditional documentary in which former Iranian detainees testify about what they suffered.

But here, the Iranian director based in France asks people who have endured interrogations by the ideological and political institutions of the Islamic Republic of Iran to question him, as an agent of the mullahs’ regime might do. He would like the real torturers to be able, through his film, to see themselves as in a mirror and possibly shake up their conscience.

The man, an atheist and son of a communist, had already spent a long time behind closed doors by inviting four mullahs to his home to discuss his film for two days. Iranian in 2014, and went to meet the Iranian power militias to realize Bassidji in 2009. Suffice to say that he is as interested in the torturers as in the tortured…

My worst enemy, signed Mehran Tamadon, has been in theaters since Wednesday May 8.

We’re talking about it today with two critics:

  • Occitane Lacuriemember of the editorial board of the cinema review Overflowsdoctoral student in aesthetics and visual studies;
  • Raphaël Nieuwjaerwho writes to Cinema notebooks and for Studies.

“Critical Mind” is a podcast recorded in Gong studios and produced by Karen Beun.



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