Slimane’s manager forced to intervene after huge controversy

Slimane’s manager forced to intervene after huge controversy
Slimane’s manager forced to intervene after huge controversy

It’s the unmissable event of the weekend. The final of 68th Eurovision Song Contest will take place this Saturday, May 11 in Malmö, Sweden. Around 100,000 fans are expected on site for an evening which is marked by many controversies. The conflict in Gaza has entered the supposedly apolitical scene. Protesters even called for a boycott of Israeli singer Eden Golan.
Another controversy marred the event. Slimane, the Frenchman selected for the final which will take place this evening, has sparked controversy. One of Slimane’s managers defended the singer after the video which caused a lot of discussion.

An interview with Slimane sparks controversy

The French singer, Slimanewas interviewed between two rehearsals for Eurovision 2024. “Do you have a message to be addressed to Israeli viewers? ». The representative of France obviously did not expect to be asked a question on this tense subject. Alongside the singer was Alexandra Redde-Amiel, the entertainment boss of France 2 who ordered him not to respond: ” No no “, she told the journalist who asked the question. The winner of the fifth season of The Voicethen walked away without responding.

Slimane’s reaction caused an outcry on social networks. Internet users did not understand the singer’s embarrassed reaction: “Very disappointed with Slimane”, wrote a user. Another even said: “As a representative of France, could he not have a message of freedom of expression, tolerance, fraternity, peace? ».

Slimane sends a message of peace

While the audience at the Malmö Arena was ready to listen to the a cappella passage of his song, My love, Slimane surprised everyone by interrupting his appearance which was his final rehearsal on stage. The singer wanted to deliver a message of peace. ” Everyone ! I just want to say something. Sorry, I don’t speak English very well, but when I was a child I dreamed of music, I dreamed of becoming a singer and singing about peace. All artists want to sing about love and sing peace, yes, but in love and peace. Thank you very much, thank you Europe ».

Slimane’s manager defends himself

Contacted exclusively by Jean-Marc Morandini, the singer’s manager spoke to put out the media fire caused by the video. “In the video, the first question is missing. Asked about the Israeli song, Slimane states that it’s a message of peace. Then, the journalist asks him a second question which he does not understand, because his level of English is not very good. He looks for help, but they tell him he has to go”.

He explains that Internet users were manipulated by truncated versions of the video. “It’s really very unfair what happens to him with a false interpretation of this video. It’s manipulation. I can tell you that Slimane has been working constantly with Jews for years, we are also his friends and he is the nicest guy there is, the most tolerant. Here, it’s chaos, we must not let people believe that Slimane has taken any position. He only wants to sing and make people happy”.



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