From Julius Caesar to Brad Pitt… What is the real history of the Miraval estate? The waking dream of the Hollywood star

From Julius Caesar to Brad Pitt… What is the real history of the Miraval estate? The waking dream of the Hollywood star
From Julius Caesar to Brad Pitt… What is the real history of the Miraval estate? The waking dream of the Hollywood star

The box of fantasies is operating at full speed when we approach the Miraval estate and its no less fantastical owner, Mr. Brad Pitt.

However, make no mistake, a trip to this sanctuary straddling Correns and Châteauvert is not a one-way ticket with a swig of Hollywood eye candy, nor an escapade in search of sensationalist sermons on ” pharaonic designs” of the star builder.

Julius Caesar, original “star”

We will have to leave aside this nice propaganda people to capture the reality of a dream. Because, in truth, everything here is contained in a stone. Size. The one that dedicated teams work all day long, to ensure that this site, which looks like an immense hamlet, is familiar with its historical, even ancient, reality since its novelization by another world star… Julius Caesar.

This almost daily work of tailors along stone paths, terraces or canals, represents the coherence, even the essence of Brad Pitt’s project at Miraval, where everything fits together perfectly without the need for recourse to the artifices of “tech ” – at least on the exteriors.

“Ochre, pink, gray… He goes so far as to choose the stones that make up the walls. All are taken from the mini-quarries on the estate”underlines his partner Marc Perrin, when it comes time to show people around.

Because the hero of Fight Club boxing in this category of “doing well” at all levels. Whether in wine investments down to the smallest architectural detail, such as these windows arranged in such a way that they offer studied “postcard” views of different attractions on the estate. Lake, terraces, lavender fields…

Upon arrival at the edge of the property, a small romantic lake is extended by a stone amphitheater where the group L’Impératrice performed for the launch of Fleur de Miraval rosé champagne. Photo DR.

CV reworked

In this hamlet-like castle which even has its own fire truck, everything can be discovered (but not photographed!) with a look of wonder. From the Saint-Isidore chapel where the marriage with Angelina Jolie was celebrated, to the spherical swimming pool which caused so much talk, including the pond with amphitheater where an oar floats. Not to mention the ultra-graphic cellars managed by computer with their ovoid concrete tanks on mirror-effect floors.

As we progress through this 1,000 hectare sanctuary, the outlines of a Provencal-style Villa Medici emerge where one day, through different dedicated spaces, artists – musicians, painters, sculptors, chefs – will come together. .. – from all walks of life.

Here, the discovery can be made in an electric Méhari or in a 2 CV refitted van (the thermal engine as well as the tank have been replaced by an electric battery) marked “Miraval”, which is sometimes used for deliveries of rosé to the beaches of the Gulf from Saint-Tropez, because we confirm Brad Pitt’s “eco-friendly fiber”.

Designer involved

“He is very protective of deer, birds and all species on the estate,” it is specified. Despite everything, cohabitation with the local hunting society on the lookout for wild boars goes smoothly. “Brad loves nature and remains very attached to Provence Verte. When he does something, he makes sure that we have the impression that it has always been there, like with the 350 trees of the region’s species. replanted on site. On the other hand, inside, he puts his touch, draws everything and has fun with his artist friends!” explains Marc Perrin.

Wine of course remains essential in this matter. One wonders if in his old age, Mr. Pitt does not simply aspire to be as well known for his roles as for his… rolls.

Photo DR.


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