Condom Bandas Festival 2024: big crowds there

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Ever more popular, the great Condom festival welcomes tens of thousands of partygoers of all generations around the bandas on the track until this evening.

Since Friday evening, Condom has resonated to the rhythm of the tunes distilled by the dozens of bands who have taken over the historic heart of the city. Their invitation to party was well heard by the public. For 24 hours, under the blazing sun and until the end of the night, the musicians have been accompanied by a large audience that mixes all generations.

The public is there for the festival.
DDM – S.Lapèreyre

The two groups, En Sol Sarmiento and 47 Ter, who set the tone on Friday evening were able to quickly plunge the thousands of partygoers into the deep end. While the elders savored the first pieces of the bandas in the neighboring spaces, on Saint-Pierre Square, the Basques and the Parisians drew an audience gathered in increasingly tight ranks into their compositions and covers. In the mildness of an almost summer night, neither the musicians nor the partygoers seemed tired of this great ball of notes that was beginning.
It didn’t take long for visitors to take over the new spaces that the festival organizers opened for them, with each square or street corner creating new scenes for dancing and singing around the bandas.

Coming from Mexico, Los Leones quickly found the tone.
ddm – JR

If some sought shade during the hottest hours yesterday afternoon, no place remained free in the sun-drenched stands, to follow the developments on stage of the fifteen bands who engaged in their jousts as part of the general competition . An exercise on stage, new on Saturday, usually reserved for the Sunday entertainment test, which had the merit of allowing each group to evolve at their ease before continuing the musical adventure in the crowd.
This first round of the track allowed banda music specialists to appreciate the musical level of the competing bands who still have a few hours to convince the jury and add their name to the festival’s prize list. In addition to the technical quality, that of the repertoire or even the richness of the ensemble’s music stands, endurance will be required to achieve the Holy Grail, the Palme d’Or, which will be awarded this afternoon, at the end of a marathon more than 24 hours.



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