The horoscope for Sunday May 12, 2024

The horoscope for Sunday May 12, 2024
The horoscope for Sunday May 12, 2024

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No dissonance on the Moon today, on the contrary a good aspect with Venus which indicates that you will be at peace when you are with family. If there was an argument yesterday, things have calmed down. Moreover, if you are from the 1st decan, born in March, Mars leaves your decan tomorrow, and it is the 2nd (born between April 1st and 10th) who will have to use his excess energy in a manner positive. Either to assert yourself at work, or to train on a sporting level. But you will have to watch your impulsiveness and your tendency to get angry very quickly.


The Moon and Venus are in good aspect with each other and with you, a very good Sunday is ahead, especially 2nd decan. Make the most of the present moment. This is sometimes easier said than done but for this decan, there is no dissonance. As for the 3rd decan, it has been 2 or 3 days since the Sun was conjunct Uranus and if you were sensitive last month to the one that took place between Jupiter and Uranus, you could realize that your life is in the process of to evolve a lot. Probably, professionally


No bugs for you today, the situation is really very conducive to any form of pleasure, but you still need to allow yourself to experience it. This will be the case for most of you, with the exception of the end of the 2nd decan, that is to say born around June 8: Saturn is in dissonance with you and it is really not a planet that is linked to pleasure, quite the contrary. It emphasizes your sense of duty and the fact that you may have to restrict yourself, or give up something.


The Moon is always with you and as it forms a good aspect with Venus you should feel loved and experience very sweet emotions. Whether in love, with your children, your parents, love will flow, especially if you are from the 2nd decan. Try to make the most of the present moment. 3rd decan born after July 17, it is possible that you will have a somewhat heated exchange with one of your loved ones; These are questions of authority that will make you angry.


The day will be pleasant if you have nothing to do! But if you have a schedule, you may find it difficult to complete. You will tire quickly, especially in the 2nd decan: you have been having trouble recharging your batteries for some time because of the presence of Saturn in your sector 8. She will not leave until next year, so you should learn to save you. 3rd decan, you do not seem to be at the end of the changes that are coming (Sun/Uranus conjunction).


Today it is the Moon and Venus who are in harmony with each other and with you. If you are from the 2nd decan, you feel loved and valued. You will be able to fully enjoy this day and the pleasures it can offer you, gourmet, sensual or emotional pleasures. In reality any form of pleasure will be welcome. 3rd decan the Sun and Uranus are in exact conjunction and these are perhaps the positive repercussions of the happy unexpected event of last month which are manifesting themselves.


If you still have some responsibilities to assume, but there are fewer than yesterday and they are more pleasant. You wish it was like this every day! Because you are not one of those who run away from your duty, you even have an inner policeman who you think will punish you if you do not do everything you should do. Born at the beginning of October, be patient, Mars will cease its dissonance from tomorrow and your relationships with others, or with others in general, will clearly improve.


It’s a very good day to escape if you are from the 2nd decan, on the other hand if you are from the 3rd, you are downright destabilized these days. Indeed, the conjunction between the Sun and Uranus is exact, which means that it has been active for several days and that your relationships with your spouse or with another person are a little hectic. However, you were able to meet during the conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus last month: would you question your feelings?


Last month there was a conjunction between Jupiter, your Master, and Uranus. Today the aspect repeats itself, encouraging you to accept certain changes. This may affect your work and the organization of your daily life, just as treatment may force you to have somewhat restrictive daily routines. You may also impose exercises, or sports training, and for some even a diet which will have very positive effects.


As promised, the Moon is still facing you and well connected with Venus. 2nd decan, it is important that you express your feelings very clearly. You’re not always talkative when it comes to talking about your emotions, but tell yourself that your partner may need you to reassure him or her about your feelings. Not everyone is a rock like you are and you may be dealing with a personality that is sensitive to abandonment.


The harmony between the Moon and Venus will certainly have a reassuring side for those who yesterday were worried about their health or that of one of their loved ones. As I have already explained to you, these concerns hide others which are deeper and perhaps even unconscious. Also, worrying about your health is more practical and easier than facing your own demons. 3rd decan, the Sun/Uranus conjunction could create the unexpected and destabilization; it has been active for two or three days.


You practically only have good aspects, especially if you are from the 2nd decan and you are in love; you could experience very tender moments. In any case, the situation invites you to express what you feel, especially since Venus is in a good aspect with Saturn and you are speaking to someone serious. 3rd decan, there is an exact conjunction today between the Sun and Uranus, it is not excluded that you will make new acquaintances in your neighborhood.

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