Music – Tricinty Fest returns to Rabat for its second edition –

For fans of Rock and Metal music, an unmissable event is being prepared at the Renaissance Cinema in Rabat, the Tricinty Fest, with its second edition offering a unique sound experience of its kind, according to a press release.

The Moroccan and Rabat public will take the temperature and power of two groups from the local Metal scene but will also have the opportunity to discover beautiful Rock nuggets from Spain and France.

Tricinty Fest establishes itself with this second edition as a vital and necessary platform for the diffusion of Rock groups and to satisfy fans and enthusiasts of distorted guitars and wild rhythms.

+ A rich and varied program +

The Hiba Foundation, in partnership with the Spanish Embassy and the French Institute of Morocco, offers a rich and varied program, in the sub-genre of Rock and Metal aesthetics between progressive rock, thrash metal, post rock screamo and death metal, consisting of:

• Chikno

• Grandma’s Ashes

• Viva Belgrado

• Sakadoya

The Tricinty Project began as an online radio show dedicated to distorted sounds. In 2014, the idea of ​​creating a blog covering the underground rock and metal scene emerged as a necessity.

Subsequently, the desire to promote local production led to the creation of the label, which released two compilations featuring electric Moroccan groups.



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