CeCe Winans for Christ

CeCe Winans for Christ
CeCe Winans for Christ

You were born into the Winans family. So did you have a career in music?

It was my choice, but my parents both sang. They got married and had ten children, so we all sang, especially in church. It was around the age of sixteen that I felt God calling me to explore this path. I started singing with my brother BeBe. Then, I started solo projects and here we are, forty years later…

You are one of the most awarded gospel music artists, with 15 Grammy Awards and 29 Dove Awards to your credit. Which reward was the most important to you?

A first reward is always very special. We used to watch the Grammy Awards growing up and we would have our mock speeches that we would present to each other. When it actually happened, I realized that it was only possible because of the doors that God opened. Each reward symbolizes that God is expanding my territory so that He may be glorified.

What is your favorite song?

Probably Alabaster Box (“Alabaster Vase”). If I give a concert and I don’t sing it, I will be criticized (laughs). It’s a powerful song. This is the ultimate offering. This woman recognized who Jesus was, and she realized that he deserved her best. She washed her feet with her tears, and wiped them with her hair.

You are also a pastor…

Yes, I pastor with my husband at Nashville Life Church, a non-denominational church that we started twelve years ago. My son is now the lead pastor. The call to pastoral ministry surprised us, but it is very rewarding.

Over the years, how has your walk with God evolved?

After all these years, I am simply left in wonder of who God is. Reading the Bible, praying, being part of a local church and a community of believers, all of this, for me, strengthens and enriches my walk with God. Submitting to His will has proven to be a blessing. It’s a lifestyle. I am so grateful for the cross and for the Bible. In every challenge I have gone through, I have been able to find keys. She is “a lamp to my feet, a light to my path”.

You also write books, particularly on the transmission of faith to the next generation. What excites you so much about this?

The passing of the baton matters a lot to me. I am who I am because of my parents, my pastors, the mothers of the Church, and the people in the body of Christ who took the time to pray for me. The Bible tells older women to teach younger women. So, it was older women who taught me how to be a wife, how to be a mother, how to live my faith, how to stand strong in difficult times.

Now it’s my turn. It’s up to me to make sure I invest in the next generation. Who am I building? Who am I training to be a disciple of Jesus Christ? We all have this responsibility and I wrote a book for Christians on this subject (Believe for it, ed. K-Love, editor’s note). We should all be in a position where we are both receiving and giving.

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Article taken from the Christianity Today May 2024 issue



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