harmony celebrating for the Liberation

Wednesday May 8, under a bright spring sky, the Raymond-Hanin village hall became the scene of musical magic, celebrating the Liberation with enthusiasm. This concert, a tradition dear to Joinville residents, is an unmissable annual event offered by the municipal harmony.

Under the talented baton of conductor Daniel Carlier, the musical ensemble took the audience on a journey through eras and musical genres. Timeless classics or film scores, such as themes from Harry Potter or Alice in Wonderland, rubbed shoulders with more contemporary works and classic tunes, thus forming an irresistible sound cocktail for ears eager for discovery.

Even though the audience was a little smaller than usual, with around 200 spectators in the room, the contagious energy of the musicians carried everyone away in its melodious whirlwind. It should be noted that new talents have joined the ranks of the musical ensemble. Among them, Florine Combres, aged only 13, dazzled the audience with her talent on the transverse flute. A future star! The warm presence of the mayor of the town and a few deputies added a touch of solemnity to this musical celebration, thus marking their support for this emblematic event. Although some regular spectators chose to be absent, probably to enjoy the long weekend, those who were present were transported into a melodious afternoon full of pure happiness. The passion and virtuosity of the musicians created unforgettable moments. Despite the challenges of busy schedules, the Municipal Band has once again demonstrated its unwavering commitment to perpetuating tradition and celebrating history. This training was able to captivate and move the public, like every year, thus leaving an indelible mark in the memories of Joinvillois.

  • The municipal harmony led by Daniel Carlier.
  • Spectators delighted by the musical program.


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