a famous musician leads a workshop in a small village

a famous musician leads a workshop in a small village
a famous musician leads a workshop in a small village

Internationally renowned drummer Simon Philipps spent three days in Carla-Bayle, a village nestled in Ariège. A presence to lead a course with 25 drum enthusiasts who experienced this moment like a waking dream.

A drumming legend in a small village in Ariège for three days. This might seem improbable and yet the Buddy drum shop brand based in Toulouse has made it possible. British drummer Simon Philipps shared his valuable advice during a course offered to 25 people in Carla-Bayle (Ariège).

A unique experience for participants aged 12 to 50. “Simon Philipps has been my absolute idol for 30 years. He’s the one who made me love drums. When I knew there was this internship, I said to myself that it was an extraordinary opportunity“shares Laurent.”The first time I saw him, my heart was beating hard. It’s impressive.

Lucie, 28, also appreciated this unique meeting with this exceptional musician. “It’s extraordinary, it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn with him” she appreciates. “He gives a lot of advice on technique, and invites you to respect time and feeling.

The arrival of Simon Philipps is the work of the music store Buddy drum show. Its founder Colin Segalowitch savors this “dream come true” for him.He was already a great drummer 50 years ago and we said to ourselves that we had to share that. We know he is very generous and we thought it was a wonderful gift for the 25 participants.”

The drumming star therefore spent three days advising these drummers. But don’t tell him he’s here to teach. “I don’t consider myself a teacher. I think it’s a job in itself. It’s not mine: I play the drums” he asks, in English in the text.

He nevertheless recognizes its role in transmission. “It’s nice to do it. Every musician has different approaches. I pass on my thoughts on my playing style.


25 participants reserved their places in the space of a few days to learn from the British drummer.

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In his career, Simon Philipps has notably collaborated with Michel Berger, The Who, and the group Toto. Exchanges sometimes in French which never bothered him in practice. “Music is universal: even if we didn’t speak the same language with Michel Berger or Jannick Top, we played perfectly together” he assures.

After this three-day course, Simon Philipps will conclude his tour of the southwest with a concert tomorrow evening at the Bikini. Other battery names like Loïc Pontieux Nathan Maliba will also play on this Toulouse stage.



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