Kate Middleton’s favorite perfume is easily found at home

A perfume quickly becomes our signature, finishing our outfit. It also sometimes adds to our charm, with certain perfumes even being specifically designed with the aim of making the person wearing it more attractive. If Kate Middleton does not need that to seduce the people, her perfume still seems to have a small effect.

Where to find Kate Middleton’s favorite perfume?

If you want to feel closer to the Duchess or are simply curious, know that it will not be complicated or expensive to get the same perfume as her.


Kate Middleton indeed opts for Orange Blossom perfume by Jo Malone. Its fresh scents of orange blossom, tangerine and water lily make it the ideal fragrance, especially during this season. Added to this is a touch of lilac, iris and vetiver. She would even wear it every day.

Launched in 2003, Jo Malone perfumes are available at ICI Paris XL and April. At the price of €69.90 for 30ml, you won’t break the bank by choosing it.

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