here is the hidden meaning of Kate and Pippa Middleton’s mysterious nickname

The irresistible ascent sisters Catherine and Philippa Middleton captivated everyone. If the first married Prince William and is preparing to one day ascend the throne of England, the youngest delights among the highest figures of the British establishment.

Last June, Pippa, 40, gave birth to her third child, a little girl named Rose, whose father is none other than James Matthews, the businessman she married on May 20, 2017. If the woman whose incendiary kidney failure captivated the entire planet during the wedding of her eldest in April 2011 has built her own home, she remains very close to the royal bosom.

Kate and Pippa Middleton, the wisteria sisters have reached the summits

Indeed, since the announcement of her cancer, the younger sister has become a real pillar for Kate Middleton. The one who could be offered a position of choice at Buckingham would notably help him take care of his three children, George, ten years old, Charlotte, nine years old and Louis, six years old.

Very close to her eternal bridesmaid, the one whom the tabloids have long nicknamed Waity Katy has always been. Inseparable during these eight long years of waiting for THE marriage proposal, the two Middletons were given a funny nickname: the wisteria sisters.

photo credit: Shutterstock Pippa Middleton and her husband James Matthews

A nickname inherited by the Middleton sisters during their student years

For those new to botany, wisteria is a climbing, woody plant. Its flowers are white or mauve, a classic in English gardens. It was during their studies at Saint Andrews University that wisteria became famous. At the time, the comrades of the two sisters were quick to identify them.

According to Evening Mag who investigated this famous qualifier, “they were very ‘decorative’”. Also, they were described as “ very fragrant. Finally, they “had a ferocious ability to climb again and again.” Poetic, but above all very evocativethis nickname did not last after the marriage of the century.

photo credit: Shutterstock Kate and Pippa Middleton

The nicknames of Prince William, Kate Middleton and their children

Because among the Mountbatten-Windsor-Middleton family, we are happy to tease, the Princess of Wales would have found a very surprising nickname for her husband. She would affectionately call him Baldy, understand. the bold.

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A bit more tender, the one who is called to succeed King Charles III, would nickname his wife Babykins. It is a derivative of baby or babe. In May 2023, during an afternoon of family volunteering in the presence of scouts, Kate Middleton said the adorable nickname of her youngest. “Put it in the fire, Lou Bugs (read my bug for bug)”, she had said to Prince Louis not knowing what to do with his marshmallow stuck in a piece of wood. Prince George would simply be nicknamed PG (Prince George) by his classmates. Those of Princess Charlotte, for their part, would have taken to calling her Lottie Wales.



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