Is Planet of the Apes better than Avatar? Wes Ball answers us

Is Planet of the Apes better than Avatar? Wes Ball answers us
Is Planet of the Apes better than Avatar? Wes Ball answers us

Offering a visual spectacle of rare quality, do the images of “Planet of the Apes: The New Kingdom” compare with those of James Cameron’s film “Avatar: The Way of Water”? We asked the question to director Wes Ball, who points out a difference…

Wes Ball at the helm of the future

With Planet of the Apes: The New KingdomWes Ball brilliantly relaunches the franchise The Planet of the Apesseven years later Planet of the Apes: Supremacy and the disappearance of the legendary Caesar. It is thus around this one, who has become the “Moses” of the primates, that this new world is structured in which the monkeys are all-powerful. Indeed, different clans of monkeys now live in a world returned to the wild state in Planet of the Apes: The New Kingdom, each having their relationship to Caesar and his heritage. Legacy of peace and goodwill or legacy of war and domination? It is in this world full of tensions that Noa, a young chimpanzee, will have to grow up and set an example…

“More world-building”

Planet of the Apes: The New Kingdom offers spectacular special effectsin its creation and animation of sets as concerning the results of the performance capture. For these images, Wes Ball worked with the post-production company Weta, created by Peter Jackson, using technology already at work on Avatar: The Way of Water, reference of the genre. He told us, regarding this comparison, that he granted a little extra to Planet of the Apes: The New Kingdom :

Wes Ball : I hear this comparison to Avatar. Already, it helps to have worked with the same studios. But I believe that for Planet of the Apes, there is a more important world creation. Because there are several very different places, and some are very spectacular. Buildings that turn into mountains, wrecks of stranded ships…

There’s a wide variety of environments, and it was very interesting and fun creating it. One of the dimensions of the film is that of the journey, of the journey, and these places serve this journey, with our ancient world that the apes explore and rediscover.

I’m honored to be a part of this franchise because it’s one of the only ones where you can be confident in a scene where simply two characters are talking to each other around a campfire, and do it with the best possible special effects .

Planet of the Apes – The New Kingdom ©Disney

Wes Ball thus makes the factual observation that the variety of the world in which his film takes place exceeds that ofAvatar: The Way of Water. As for knowing which aesthetic is the most successful, quantity not equaling quality, it is up to the public to choose. But it is in any case proof that the use of this technology is expanding and improving. And the certainty that James Cameron’s next film will, as usual, raise the level again.



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