Can Taylor Swift and her fans change the US presidential election? – Protestant views

Can Taylor Swift and her fans change the US presidential election? – Protestant views
Can Taylor Swift and her fans change the US presidential election? – Protestant views

In the United States, the presidential race is more than underway. Phenomenally successful star, Taylor Swift, 34, could weigh in the balance, as her influence on these fans seems great. France Télévisions went to meet some of them, across the Atlantic. Paula is one of them. “Taylor Swift is twenty years younger than me, but I identify with what she says about women’s lives”explains the fifty-year-old. “No matter your age, there is always a Taylor Swift song that suits you”, says Julie, 52, one of his friends. An opinion shared by Hazel, 15 years old.

In more than fifteen years of career, Taylor Swift has enjoyed phenomenal success. The singer has sold millions of albums worldwide, received four Grammy Awards for Best Album. She was even voted personality of the year by Time in 2023. Most listened to artist in the world in 2023 on Spotify and second most streamed female artist in France, her current tour has already generated more than a billion dollars of recipes. Never before seen in the history of music, according to Libération.

An omnipresent Taylor Swift

Omnipresent in the United States, Taylor Swift has even opened the doors of the University of Austin, which dedicated a literature course to her. Her work serves to introduce students to poetry, the professor behind the course explains to -. The Swifties community brings together children and adults alike. According to a survey by Morning Consult, one in two American adults say they are Taylor Swift’s wife. The typical portrait of the artist’s fan is a white millennial woman (born between the early 1980s and late 1990s) living in the suburbs, earning less than $50,000 (around 46,000 euros) per year. year. Fans who do not hesitate to pay fortunes in concert tickets or derivative products to satisfy their passion.

But it’s not just Taylor Swift’s songs that appeal to her fans. His positions too. “She is a successful woman in an industry run by men. For that, I really admire him”, emphasizes Julie. In 2019, when her record company was bought by a music mogul, the artist re-recorded all of her albums in order to keep control of her catalog, since she did not hold the rights to the original titles. His generosity also speaks to Paula. “During her tour, she gave extra money to her dancers to thank them”says Paula.

His political views

That’s not all. The singer also shared her political opinions. She spoke out against sexual violence against women, but also took a stand for gun control after the Parkland, Florida, shootings in 2018. In You Need to Calm Down, a song released in 2019, she defends the LGBT+ community in the face of discrimination.

Criticized in 2016 for not having supported Democrat Hillary Clinton during the presidential election won by Donald Trump, Taylor Swift called for voting for Democrats in 2018 during the mid-term elections. And in 2020, she supported Joe Biden against Donald Trump and criticized the latter for having “fanned the flames of white supremacy and racism”. Finally, on March 5, she again called on Americans to vote on Super Tuesday.

Target of conspiracy theorists

These opinions and positions make the singer a target of conservatives. Many of them looked favorably on this young white singer who had made her debut in country music. Today, Donald Trump’s supporters are accusing him, on social networks, of being a Pentagon spy in the pay of the Democrats. Some go so far as to write that she practices black magic during her concerts, and forms a false couple with player Travis Kelce, in order to strengthen the National Football League and the Democrats. False pornographic images featuring her were also published on the Internet. So much so that according to data from a very serious survey published by Monmouth University last February, according to which 18% of Americans think that there is a “secret government activity” aiming to get Joe Biden re-elected thanks to Taylor Swift.

“Conservatives don’t like that Taylor Swift has progressive ideas, while she promotes values ​​that are good for women”, laments Julie. Paula adds: “I don’t know who she’s voting for exactly, but I agree with her values”. The latter specifies, however, that she will vote according to the candidates and not by following any instructions from the singer. Andrea, 65, doesn’t quite agree: “I think she’s center left, she identifies as a Democrat. I will follow her if she gives a voting instruction”she confirms.

Trump “more popular”

During elections, Republicans fear that Taylor Swift will be able to mobilize her fans. The youngest, in particular. And all the more so since they would be more reluctant to vote. Thus, from September 2023, the artist invited them to register on the electoral lists on the platform. In the wake of its appeal, the organization recorded more than 35,000 new registrations in one day. “The elections are going to be close, and she has fans all over the United States,” said Robert Preuhs, professor of political science at Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado. According to him, “there are of course Democratic and progressive fans, but also many moderates or non-partisans. This small percentage could tip the victory for one or the other of the candidates.

However, Donald Trump says he does not feel concerned. The magazine Rolling Stone reports that he privately claims to be “more popular” than Taylor Swift and to have more determined fans than her own. Joe Biden’s team, on the contrary, hopes that the star will encourage his fans to vote for the Democratic candidate. In this hope, the New York Timesindicates that the outgoing president’s team would have thought of sending him to attend one of the star’s concerts.



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