VIDEO. Central Brittany: a life-size treasure hunt all in Gallo


Yann Scavarda

Published on May 10, 2024 at 6:14 p.m.

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A film crew and seven actors dressed in 1920s fashion stroll through the picturesque streets of Saint-Thélo, this Friday May 10, 2024.

These costumes were created by Martine Jouan, seamstress at CAC Sud 22, for the needs of a life-size treasure hunt, entirely in Gallo.

A fun tool for Gallo

“It’s about offering a modern tool for discovering Gallo by being an actor, an investigator,” explains Julien Paraiso, from the Heritage center of CAC Sud 22.

A dive into the 1920s. ©Yann SCAVARDA

“A tool for for all but also for trainers in the Welsh language, associations and the various structures,” adds the president of the CAC Sud Anita Rouault.

The scenes are filmed by professionals from Gnome Prod, a Morbihan company specializing in immersive events in life size.

The actors wander among the old stones of Saint-Thélo (Côtes d’Armor). ©Yann SCAVARDA

The investigative journey plunges the visitor into the Roaring Twenties, at the heart of an artistic conspiracy in Central Brittany.

Who stole Jeanne’s photos?

Jane, the central character, is a photographer from Le Petit Libéral (the ancestor of Courrier Indépendant) who had her work stolen. It’s up to everyone to investigate to try to find the author of the theft…

The game, which will be ready for its inauguration on June 22, 2024, will be in the form of panels and of numerical tablets which will be made available for rental to schools, media libraries and town halls.

This project responds to the plan of reappropriation of languages of Brittany signed by the Regional Council.

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