the real Martha has spoken

Martha in the series My little reindeer is played by British actress Jessica Gunning.

The hit series My Little Reindeer on Netflix tells how a woman named Martha allegedly harassed director Richard Gadd. A woman claiming to be the person in question spoke out on a British show.

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Her name would be Fiona Harvey and she would have inspired the story of the hit series My little reindeer on Netflix.

This mini-series tells how Martha, an unhinged and Machiavellian woman, obsessed with the prey on which she sets her sights, will attack Donny, a bartender in London and failed comedian. Martha allegedly sent him 4,171 emails, 350 hours of messages on his answering machine, 744 tweets, 46 messages on Facebook spread across 4 fake accounts as well as 106 pages of handwritten letters. Donny is played by the director himself, Richard Gadd, who actually tells the story of his real life.

To learn more about My little reindeer:

And it is this side of true history which made that My little reindeer has risen to the top of the most watched series on Netflix since it went online on April 11.

She had so much success and impact that fans began searching for the real Martha, without knowing her real name. They identified a woman named Fiona Harvey.

We told you about it here:

The famous British presenter Piers Morgan interviewed this Fiona Harvey, 58, on his talk show Piers Morgan Uncensored on Youtube. She told the reporter that she was taking legal action against Netflix and Richard Gadd and that the truth would come out during the legal proceedings.

If this is really the Martha of the series, it must be said that they look alike. However, Richard Gadd claimed that the fictional character played by Jessica Gunning was very far from reality and that if the real Martha saw herself, she wouldn’t recognize herself.

In the series, she is portrayed as a Scottish woman who poses as a high-ranking lawyer. Fiona Harvey is also Scottish and says she studied law.

She claims not to have watched the series. According to her, it was friends of hers who told her about certain scenes. She also says that several journalists approached him.

During the interview, Fiona Harvey confirmed that she did indeed call the director “my little reindeer”, but she repeatedly denied having sent tens of thousands of emails.

“How long would it take to write all these emails?”

When Piers Morgan asked her who wrote those thousands of emails to Richard Gadd, she replied:

“I think he probably invented them himself, I have no idea”

The interview lasts about an hour and finally, after numerous reminders from Piers Morgan regarding the emails, she confides:

“There may have been a few emails”

Nevertheless, she remains straight in her boots regarding the other facts recounted in the series: she would never have broken a bar and she would never have been convicted of harassment.

According to the British newspaper Daily Record who spoke to Fiona Harvey after the talk show, she received a police warning for her behavior with Richard Gadd, but she was never jailed or convicted for harassment. Still according to the newspaper, Piers Morgan would have paid her 250 pounds (approx. 280 fr) to come on his show. The alleged harasser says she felt trapped by the journalist: “He questioned me at a rapid pace to catch me off guard.”

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