“We’re going to have a party!”

“We’re going to have a party!”
“We’re going to have a party!”

For the 25th anniversary of his group, Sergent Garcia is embarking on a full tour. This Saturday, May 11, he is stopping off at the Veyracomusies festival, in Veyrac. He will play his flagship titles there but also new releases…

The Veyracomusies festival started its 36th edition on Wednesday May 8, which ends this Saturday. Its eclectic programming, for all audiences, attracts. According to Mickaël Moreau, organizer of the festivities, this year is a success and under good auspices. As evidenced by the good weather this weekend.

For the last day, Saturday May 11, the Veyramosies welcome Sergeant Garcia at 9 p.m. The group, founded by Bruno Garcia – at the crossroads of reggae, ska, salsa, cumbia, or rumba and called the “salsamuffin” – began its 25th anniversary tour on April 13. On the eve of his visit to Veyrac, the singer gives us an interview.

We are happy. I never thought it would go so far (…) this project of a singer who came from punk, who sang in Spanish with salsa and reggae… Finally, 25 years later, the sauce has taken hold. We made quite a few albums and a lot of meetings.

There is definitely a little nervousness. It’s the beginning so we have to be very focused on what we have prepared. But above all I am impatient.

This return to the stage takes place with the nine historic musicians of the group. We released a new song with the video: “Cuando Salga El Sol.” And we’re releasing an album next year.

It will always be “salsamuffin” with surprises, interesting collaborations and musicians not necessarily expected.

We’re the big team, there will be all the musicians: the brass, the percussion… It will be very festive. We’re going to have a party! We will forget everyday problems, we will travel.

We’re going to replay all of Sergent Garcia’s great songs and we’ll play two new songs.

We have put in the means to put on a great show, so we can’t wait for it to start and to see the reaction of the public.

I think people want to forget their problems and escape, to travel and music helps with that. I’m happy when people come out of the concert and tell me they’re in great shape. During a concert we are in another space of time!



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