PORTRAIT. Cahors amateur theater festival: she makes watercolor sketches during the shows

PORTRAIT. Cahors amateur theater festival: she makes watercolor sketches during the shows
PORTRAIT. Cahors amateur theater festival: she makes watercolor sketches during the shows

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The Cahors amateur theater festival started on Thursday evening. In the lobby of the building, pretty watercolor drawings are hung. They represent small moments from the different shows. It’s Florie Martinez, an artist from Lot, who has the brushstrokes.

A quarter of an hour before the show “OUASMOK?”, this Thursday, at the Cahors amateur theater festival. The room is plunged into semi-darkness. On stage, the actors do their last rehearsal. And on the first balcony, Florie Martinez sits down. Without making any noise, she takes out her little A5 sheets, dips her brushes in a glass of water and prepares her color palette. His black pen is not far away.

Florie has her place reserved for the duration of the Cahors amateur theater festival.
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Throughout the festival, Florie creates watercolors of the shows. “As I look at the room, there are movements or gestures that catch my attention. It’s almost like a flash in my head. I start drawing it right away. And when I look up, the actors have moved on to something else,” explains the young Lotoise. The latter makes a first sketch with a pen before adding color. All in the dark. “For the moment, the pieces have given me enough light for me to find my way! But otherwise, I know my material well, I can find my way,” jokes the artist. For each show, lasting about an hour, she removes around ten sketches. “I like to do as much as possible. To keep the show in mind. I think a bit like a photographer, I do several to select the best,” laughs Florie, who makes sketches of this festival for the second year.

Watercolor and engraving

His sketches are then displayed in the theater lobby and are free of charge. “People are quite generous,” confides Florie. The members of the troupes represented, those of the Troupe en boule (organizer of the festival) or even the public, there are not many sketches left at the end.

Watercolor and engraving are a real passion for Florie. “I have always drawn, as long as I can remember. And as long as my parents can remember! It was more than something I loved doing, I really felt joy and serenity “, describes the young woman. However, after leaving the baccalaureate, she turned to literary studies and embarked on a master’s degree in translation in Montpellier. She moved to Toulouse and became a freelance translator. After six years, she finally launched herself: she was going to try the Beaux-Arts competition. “It always stuck in my head. And then, I said to myself: what does it cost to try?”, smiles Florie, who obtains her entry ticket to the Beaux-Arts in Toulouse. During her studies, she had the chance to do an internship with a professional engraver in Cabrerets, which was love at first sight.

Today, Florie is an accomplished artist who divides her time between her artistic creations (exhibitions, commissions, etc.) but also classes. “I give support lessons in English and Spanish. And I also organize watercolor workshops for children. Last year, I went to the Trespoux-Rassiels school,” describes the one who returned living in Cahors two years ago. And the young artist would like to get into animation, to add another string to her bow. In the meantime, Florie continues to write down little pieces of the shows from the Cahors amateur theater festival.

On the program for the Cahors amateur theater festival

Friday, the day begins with front-stage meetings at 10:30 a.m. in the theater foyer. Then, at 5 p.m., there’s a Festhéa selection with the play “Doubt” by John Patrick Shanley, a dramatic comedy. On stage, Cie Arsenic. At 6:30 p.m., time for an aperitif concert hosted by Sunny Rust, in front of the theater, in partnership with the restaurants Bistrot Gambetta and la Comédie. Finally, at 9 p.m., Cie 23h24 presents “Le repas des fauves”, a dramatic comedy by Vahé Katcha and adapted by Julien Sibre. Saturday, the day begins again with front-of-house meetings. At 2 p.m., the Cie Théâtre de l’Enclin takes the stage to perform a poetic comedy “Mon ami Roger”. Then, the Désireuses will share their creation, based on the text by Kathrine L. Battaiellie. At 6:30 p.m., new aperitif concert with three musical sets proposed by the Conservatory and hosted by François Chanut. To end this festival in style, at 9 p.m., Cie Plume Pourpre will present its latest creation “The Keykeepers, feet in the stars”. Then, the traditional closing ceremony. The program: https://68af294b-2eb4-45a5-8b0e-dd491e7dad5d.filesusr.com/ugd/c22a57_e83fe8dcc0fd494496df9f04dc718d8d.pdf

Florie’s creations can be found on Instagram (florie_aime) or on her website floriemartinez.galerie.xyz


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