the program of the Buz’en Scène 2024 festival is known

the program of the Buz’en Scène 2024 festival is known
the program of the Buz’en Scène 2024 festival is known

The Buzançais street arts festival is already celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2024! As in 2022 and 2023, the organizers have opted for a dense edition, focused on a single evening, which will take place on Saturday May 25, from 7 p.m., still at Place du Général-de-Gaulle.

Four eclectic and free shows are announced for young and old, as well as a fireworks display to close the event. And as usual, the public will also be able to find a refreshment bar and a catering outlet on site. Here is the program concocted by the City of Buzançais and the community of municipalities (CDC) Val de l’Indre-Brenne.

> 7 p.m.: “Saltimbanques” by the Compagnie Les 3 cris

Acrobats are invited to share their traveling party, an opportunity for everyone to have fun, indulge in fantasy and the pleasure of being together! A party that “celebrate the present moment”And “invites life in all that is beautiful and crazy…”

Under the leadership of a Madame Loyale who is as extravagant as she is intriguing, the public moves freely from one stand to another, discovering atypical characters and acts, each more unusual than the last.

> 8:30 p.m.: “Épipurien” from the company La Quincaillerie

Deadly solo for living clown. A crazy and sensitive party for a clown, a skeleton and lots of guests!

> 9:30 p.m.: “Les Forsini” by the company L’Hémisphère de l’ouest

In the great tradition of the beginning of the century, these men of strength from father to son will seduce the public with their athletic physique and performances, each more breathtaking than the last.

Humor and circus art (clown characters, juggling, acrobat acts) for a hilarious duo where the connection is to be found with Chaplin, Keaton and other Laurels and Hardys.

> 10:30 p.m.: “The fires of Beltaine” by the company Taprobane

Bolas, hands of fire, staff, flaming fans, fire sword fights… The flame becomes an evanescent partner in the hands of these jugglers.

The story : “The goddess Dana seems to see a strange fire in the distance that she does not know. She will then embark on a quest that will take her to the ends of the world. »

The dancers immerse the audience in a magical universe, where the manipulation of flame rhymes with poetry and travel. A show to discover as a family, with a pyrotechnic finale.

> 11:15 p.m.: fireworks


10th edition of Buz’en scene, Saturday May 25, 2024, place De-Gaulle in Buzançais.

  • Free entry and free access.
  • Refreshment bar and catering on site.


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