Cotentin. Metal in 7th heaven thanks to the Graf Zeppelin festival, Friday and Saturday

Cotentin. Metal in 7th heaven thanks to the Graf Zeppelin festival, Friday and Saturday
Cotentin. Metal in 7th heaven thanks to the Graf Zeppelin festival, Friday and Saturday

By Nicolas Lepigeon
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May 9, 24 at 8:10

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This 5e Graf Zeppelin already promises to be historic, the Friday the 10th And Saturday May 11, 2024 on the side of thecultural space from Lessay (Manche).

With a programming unrivaled compared to previous editionsTHE pre-sales of this festival dedicated to metal are already reaching new heights.

The story

Founded in 2018 by one group of friends from Montebourg, the Graf Zeppelin Arts Metal Festival association had the dream of developing its musical and artistic event at the Écausseville airship hangar, hence the choice of the name.

After a first evening of extreme music concerts End of november of the same year, which went perfectly, there will however be no second meeting in this historic place, unusual And mythical. The site would be unsuitable for hosting this type of event, for security reasons.

THE president Thomas Dobrowolski and his team then found the Lessay cultural center as a new base, for a first “official” edition of the festival in September 2019over three days, in the company of 14 groups metal of all kinds and in front of 500 people.

We are very well received here, a real cocoon, we are supported by the municipality. And with the fairgrounds, we have a large area for parking and camping.

After a successful takeoff, the fall was harder for the Graf Zeppelin with – in a word – the Covid. Of the deprogramming due to confinementof the subsidies to return, unnecessary expenses in communicationplaces to be reimbursed, lost advances…

You had to have a strong mind to have the courage to continue the adventure. But the GZ team did well to persevere and roll up their sleeves because the event rose from its ashes, welcoming hundreds of festival-goers each time, in front of extreme music leaders.

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700 places

700 places have already been pre-sold, “triple the number of previous editions so we are very happy! “. The event can bring together around 600 people each evening.


If you were able to see the poster of the festival, the names of the groups on the menu for Friday and Saturday are difficult to decipher in their logos. Don’t worry, it’s normal, it’s part of metal culture…

Our common thread for this 5th edition is the story of a group of bikers who venture into the forest, get lost and lose all notion of space and time, finally reaching an occult dimension where telluric forces lead them to trance. We invite you to follow them in this sonic and immersive epic!

“Friday, the old-school, doom metal evening promises to be beautiful,” Thomas Dobrowolski is looking forward to it. Coming from Alsace, the stoner dark country duo Knuckle Head smells of whiskey, the desert, America, motorcycles, custom… They have a crazy bond and energy, they are a hit wherever they go and that will be their first concert in Normandy ! »

Witchorious is a dark doom band created at the end of 2019 in Seine et Marne, and the trio already visited Cherbourg on March 30, at the Narval. Locals RustHead (power rock) are also part of the lineup, as are Missingmile (stoner) and Cosmic Serpent (doom stoner from Le Havre).

For Saturday placed under the sign of “Honour of Witches”the structure of the Shadow Actors brings three headliners from his catalog: Silhouette (Montélimar, black metal), Houle (Brittany, post black metal) and Depressive Witches (Paris, black metal).

“We pulled out all the stops,” continues the president, “because there will also be Eihwar at the top of the bill. Already announced at Hellfest, this is the Viking phenomenon of the year ! Since its appearance, the duo – with its witchy singer – has brought the zone wherever it goes. Eihwar is the promise of a real Viking dancefloor, festive and brutal. Finally, we will also experience the great return of the Caennais of Drenaï (pagan metal) who will play for the first time since the release of his new album. »

I have the programming that I always wanted to have… Compared to our means, we couldn’t dream of better!

Thomas Dobrowolski, President of the association

Other entertainment

Besides the concerts, theorganizational team wants to provide a real experience for festival-goers. Already, the sets promise to be grandiose with “a big surprise five meters high by the medieval troupe Cotentin and Cotte de Mailles” and also on stage with the expertise by the artist Blaise Lacolley, from the Galerie de l’os in Granville, on the theme – you will have understood – of witchcraft.

And among the other entertainment : a fire show, demonstrations medieval combat and Viking combatax throwing, exhibition of vintage American motorcyclesof the tattoo stands including traditional Vikings made the old-fashioned way in a tent… if that tempts you.

Practical information

Friday May 10 and Saturday May 11, at the Lessay cultural space, located at 2, rue de l’Hippodrome. Free camping, restoration on the spot. Presales until this Thursday evening at midnight: €22 per day (€16 for under-30s), €40 for two days (€30 for under-30s). On site: €27 per day, €50 for two days.

Ticket office: Website:; Facebook: FestivalGrafZeppelin (not to be confused with another page, a pirate profile). Doors open at 6 p.m. Friday (first concert at 6:30 p.m.) and 5 p.m. Saturday (first concert at 6 p.m.).

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