what time is Slimane scheduled to pass…

what time is Slimane scheduled to pass…
what time is Slimane scheduled to pass…

The Eurovision 2024 semi-final will be broadcast on Thursday May 9 on CultureBox and the france.tv platform. What time will Slimane’s appearance take place? Télé Loisirs has said more.

Eurovision 2024 will be held from May 7 to 14 at the Malmö Arena in Malmo, Sweden, with Slimane representing France.

Slimane, already qualified for the final, will perform his song “Mon amour” during the semi-final on May 9, broadcast on CultureBox and france.tv.

With “varied musicality” and wide support, Slimane is seen as a serious contender for victory, which could end 47 years of French defeats at Eurovision.

The edition of Eurovision Song Contest 2024 will take place from May 7 to 14, 2024 at the Malmö Arena from Malmo, Sweden. After Tom Leeb, in 2020, Barbara Pravi, who came close to victory, in 2021, Alvan & Ahez, in 2022, and La Zarra and his famous controversial gesture, in 2023, it was Slimane who was chosen to represent France during the 2024 edition.

When his selection was announced, the former candidate of The Voice now aged 34, shared his pride in a press release: My first concerts in the bars of Pigalle, I have the impression that it was yesterday. My father who takes me to my first casting. And then The Voice. My meeting with the public. This wonderful audience which gives me the strength and the desire today to take on one of the greatest challenges of my career. It’s a Source of immense pride. A real responsibility too. On May 11, 2024, I will sing in front of nearly 200 million people”

Slimane and his song My love to be found this Thursday, May 9

But before the final for which he is already qualified, we must consider the semi-final. This will be broadcast on May 9 on CultureBox and france.tv. It will notably be commented on by Nicky Doll, former presenter of Drag Race France.

What time can we see Vitaa’s best friend perform her song My love ? According to our colleagues at Leisure TV, you will need to be in front of your station around 9:40 p.m. Slimane will come just after the Czech candidate. Other countries still in the running include Finland, Cyprus and Ukraine.

Can Slimane win Eurovision 2024?

According to several professionals, the interpreter of Panama has every chance of winning. Paris Match considers for example that his “varied musicality”, “his broken voice and his charisma on stage” and “his million and a half subscribers” could represent serious assets in this competition where “originality is highly appreciated”.

If Slimane won, he would break a long 47-year cycle of defeats. France’s last victory dates back to 1977. That year, Marie Myriam and her song The bird and the child had then conquered the whole world.



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